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Omni’s Off-Grid is a $2099 power station that brings power to your devices anywhere, anytime

This thing is an absolute unit.

Omnicharge off grid battery bank
Image: KnowTechie

Omnicharge has a long history of huge battery banks, but now it’s turning those dials all the way up, with the Off-Grid. This is Omnicharge’s fourth crowdfunding campaign, bringing power to anywhere you need it.

This 1500WH battery bank has a 1500W AC output with four AC sockets, 4 x 100W USB-C PD for even powering the most power-hungry laptops, 4 x USB-A QC 3.0 ports, a 300W DC output, the ability to add battery capacity with extra battery modules, and more. Recharge it from almost anything, even another Off-Grid, or via XT60, aviation, or even Anderson ports if you want to use solar panels. There’s also an integral dimmable light, and all of Omnicharge’s monitoring know-how, viewable through either the on-device screen or the mobile app.

Need power for your next off-site shoot? How about the next time you go camping, since if you didn’t take any pictures can it be said to have happened? Heck, it’s even great for home use since power cuts happen all too frequently. I mean, just look at all the video gear it’s powering below!

The other cool thing? The Omni connect add-on module, which turns the Off-Grid into a mesh network using long-range wireless tech to keep up your whole team connected, even in areas with no cell service. It’s got four handsets that can call, text, and track via GPS. Imagine how handy that’ll be the next time you’re on a shoot or out camping with the family.

Head on over to Indiegogo to check it out, with early bird pricing set at $1,199, which will probably go in the first day or so. The next tier is $1,299, with an eventual retail price of $2,099.

Have any thoughts on this? Plan on getting one? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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