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Review: The Chargeasap Flash 2.0 power bank is a high-wattage workhorse

Grab yourself a juice-booster with a bit of muscle.

chargeasap battery pack
Image: Ste Knight / KnowTechie

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You only need to type “power bank” into Amazon to realize there are a lot of them on the market. So, it takes something fairly heavyweight to come along and shoulder its way through the crowd. Step in the chargeasap Flash 2.0, which is currently retailing at $149 over on Indiegogo.

At a time when our power sources need to be more portable than ever, it makes sense to ensure that we can get as much out of a single device as possible. Well, the Flash 2.0 could be the answer to your constant 1% woes, so let’s take a closer look at the belly of this particular beast.

Is that a Chargeasap power bank in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?

I’m going to be honest, here, when I say that the Flash 2.0 is a device that errs on the side of portly. It is pretty heavy, weighing in at a resolutely robust 1 lb (470 g). Dimension-wise we’re looking at a footprint of 145 x 82 mm, and a height of 27 mm. Quite the power brick, then. That said, for a power bank of this capacity (more on that shortly), it really has to be expected. The Omnicharge 20, for example, weighs 630g and has roughly the same power capacity.

It is also somewhat reminiscent of a fourth-generation iPod, thanks to its space-age metal housing and the circular wireless charging pad that sits at the front. It all has a vaguely Apple-y feel to it. Up above the charging pad is a small display. This tells you how much juice is left in the Flash’s tank. It shows as a percentage and counts down from 100%.

The ridged edges are a nice design feature. The right-hand edge features the power button. Spin the unit around and you’ll see that the top edge is where all the magic happens. Why? Because that’s where the ports are, dum-dum. The power bank spoils you with its two USB Type-C and two USB Type-A. Speaking of ports…

Feed me…Feed me NOW!

If you have several devices all vying for your attention come charging time, then the Flash 2.0 is for you. As mentioned it has two USB Type-C ports. One is an input/output that deals with a 100 W PD (power delivery) and full PPS (programmable power supply). This supports the likes of Apple Fast Charging and Samsung Galaxy 10+ Fast Charge. The other is output only and delivers 60 W of power with full PPS. PPS allows the power bank to vary its power delivery based on what the receiving device requires.

In terms of the USB-A outputs, one is a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port throwing out 18 W. The other is a max 40 W socket with SVOOC support. This makes it suitable for Huawei’s SuperCharge and Oppo’s VOOC and SuperVOOC charging modes. The wireless charging pad is good for 10 W, which is just what you need to boost an Apple Watch. So, plenty of options in terms of device compatibility, then.

The Flash 2.0 has a capacity of 20,000 mAh, which is enough to charge the iPhone 11 Pro Max five times. Thanks to this capacity, it is perfectly safe for travel and you won’t be hauled into customs for carrying illegal power supplies on the plane. With a combined total output of 210 W, the power bank is actually capable of charging five devices at once. Great if you’re a particularly gadgety person.

Its what’s on the inside that counts

chargeasap power bank

Image: Ste Knight / KnowTechie

The internal machinations of the Flash 2.0 are what give it its oomph. The cell inside actually comprises of four Tesla 21700 graphene cells. These carry a combined overall battery life of five years, which is good for around 2,000 charge cycles, according to Chargeasap. It has an operating temperature range of between 14 F and 140F.

The Flash 2.0 will charge back up to 100%, from 0%, in no less than 70 minutes. Excellent news. This means you can boost it while you get ready to go to work and it should have enough charge in it before you even set foot outside the front door. You should get a good long journey’s worth of charges out of this machine.

Should I buy one?

Honestly? Well, why wouldn’t you? You’ve seen all the evidence above. If you have an iPhone for work, a personal Android phone, Macbook, and an Apple Watch, you can charge the lot while you are out and about. You can’t really argue with that, can you?

If you’d like to test the market a little first, then why not take a look at some of the best power banks on the market and see what the competition has to say for itself. Once you’ve seen how the Flash 2.0 stacks up against its opponents, you can decide if this is the right power bank for your needs.

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