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Here is your first official (and unofficial) look at the new OnePlus 6T

Just launch this damn phone already.

oneplus 6t in-display fingerprint scanner
Image: Phone Arena

We’ve been covering the OnePlus 6T for the past couple of months now, not as much as other folks, but we have written a couple of things about it here and here. For the most part, most of the news covered about this damn phone has been based on leaks, and honestly, if we were to write about every leak, well, it would get pretty damn boring.

Thankfully, OnePlus has graced us with a few tweets that show off the final phone’s design. One is a five-second video that basically shows us the outline of the phone (yea, very helpful), and the other one is a simple teaser photo.

Take a look:  

Here’s what we know

Alright, truthfully, there’s not too much to look at here other than some cool shadows and the outline of some smartphones. However, what we do know is some simple specs and features that have trickled down online. For starters, there’s no headphone jack on the phone. There’s a fingerprint sensor embedded somewhere in the screen. Also, there’s a notch. The rest, well, we don’t know. The one thing we can expect is a beefed-up Snapdragon processor and a buttload of RAM (probably 6GB or more).

WinFuture got their hands on a leaked image of what appears to be an official press photo of the OnePlus 6T, and judging from the photo, it confirms a notch.

Again, this is just a leak and we can’t confirm if this is the real deal or not.

The sad part is that there’s no official launch date set, however, it’s possible we could see it launch this month. The reasoning behind this is that a lot of premium Android phones are launched in October, but again, there’s no official word when this phone will be released.

CNET estimates the cost of this phone will be somewhere in the ballpark of $550.

Are you a diehard OnePlus fan? What are your thoughts on this phone? Let us know down below. 

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