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‘Post’ wants to be Twitter without the character limit

Post has some lofty plans.

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As people leave Twitter, alternatives continue to pop up. Now, ex-Waze CEO Noam Bardin is throwing his hat in the ring with Post.

Essentially, it is yet another Twitter clone, but admittedly, this one does look extremely clean. Unlike Mastodon, navigation and connection seem easier, and the UI is much more reminiscent of Twitter.

That said, the platform is already making some big promises, many of which are unrealistic. The main one asking us to remember when social media was “fun.”

“Remember when social media was fun, introduced you to big ideas and cool people, and actually made you smarter? Remember when it didn’t waste your time and make you angry or sad? When you could disagree with someone without being threatened or insulted? We want to bring that back with Post,” from the platform’s opening post.

Look, I get it, we all want MySpace back, but the internet and social media have changed. It doesn’t work that way anymore, and any company claiming it can is delusional or lying.

But, regardless of those bold claims, the platform offers some interesting features. There will be no character limits, and posts feature the usual comment/like/share prompts.

However, the real intriguing part of Post comes in how it plans to deliver the news (which is also why I believe the above plans are lofty, to say the least).

Post has big plans for news

The key differentiator between Post and options like Mastodon is how Bardin and the team plan on delivering news.

The plan here is to provide users a way to buy access to individual articles that are normally behind a paywall. Of course, this will require participation from actual developers.

Additionally, users can tip creators directly from the platform for content they enjoy. And finally, Post wants to have news sources and posts displayed directly within the platform.

They are some lofty goals, but interest is definitely growing for the platform. Currently, over 100,000 people are waiting for entry. Head to this link if you’d like to join the waitlist.

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