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Quick play apps for Android phones

Quick play apps for Android users have never been so plentiful and varied.

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Quick to play apps have been steadily growing in popularity for a while now and it doesn’t take a genius to see why. We’re living in a world that is increasingly encouraging short attention spans in people.

Whether it’s TikTok videos, 15 second maximum Instagram adverts, or would-be films broken down into manageable chunks to form a short series, all of the media we ingest is becoming progressively more bite-sized.

So it only makes sense then that many of us search for a game that fits this need, one that we can pick up on our commute or play a few rounds of before we take our lunch break. Here are some super speedy games to cater to that need.

Retro Gaming

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If sleek graphics aren’t so much a need for you, but reliving the good old days of arcade gaming most definitely is, then Super Hexagon is what you’ve been looking for. This one certainly isn’t a new game, but it has absolutely earned its stripes as a game that deserves a place on your phone. Fans of Snake and similar will enjoy this simple game, controlling a hexagon by tapping alternate sides of your phone. Simple, but great fun and easy to pick up and put down – well, that last bit is a little more difficult!

Feel the Music

If you’re after something musical to fill your time then Rayark should be your go-to game developers. Cytus II is one of their most accomplished games with plenty of features that make most other music games pale in comparison. This game is a challenging one, so fast fingers are absolutely necessary, even for the beginner levels. Expect to hold down notes for varying beats and control multiple notes at once for combinations. On top of the demanding gameplay, this app also holds down an interesting sci-fi storyline. If multifaceted gaming is your kind of thing, then Cytus II is guaranteed to float your boat.

Back to Maths Class

If you don’t download anything else in 2020 then at least download Threes! This is a fun multiplying game with the greatest joy located in its simplicity. You just have to slide blocks into each other to combine them, with the aim of creating the highest number possible. The only hitch is that moving one block moves them all. This can leave you out of moves quicker than you’d expect, so be careful. Although this game doesn’t have the most intricate artwork, everything that you do see is presented beautifully. Animations are seamless and a beautiful design remains throughout. Even better, if you don’t want to pay your couple of dollars then you can download a version with ads for free.

One for the Word Nerds

There are plenty of offerings for maths people around, but fewer for those of a more literary mindset. Of course, word search games are plentiful, but the sort of games that really test your vocabulary is more difficult to come across. Thankfully the New York Times has answered our prayers and put their crosswords online. You can download the app totally free and enjoy seven days worth of crossword puzzles, which are occasionally fiendishly difficult. Once your seven days are up you will have to subscribe in order to enjoy each crossword, but for those who are a little tight on money, there are plenty of mini-puzzles that you can still enjoy totally free of charge.

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