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One of the best electric toothbrush makers now has a version for kids

You’ll still need an adult to sign up…

Quip toothbrush for kids
Image: quip

Whether quip makes the best electric toothbrush you can buy is debatable, but it’s certainly one of the easiest to maintain with its handy subscription packages. Now, the company is expanding the range, with a scaled-down version of the stylish quip toothbrush that’s made for kids.

quip’s kids’ version of its popular toothbrush gains a rubber-grip coating so it’s harder to slip out of those small hands. Plus it comes in funky colors, like purple, green, blue and red.

The company also knows that getting kids to brush with those heavily-minted tubes of toothpaste is a struggle, probably because they still have all their tastebuds; that’s why it includes a new watermelon flavor of fluoride-carrying toothpaste so at least that’s one part of the daily arguments dealt with, as long as they like watermelon.

More about the quip toothbrush

The toothbrush has the same gentle sonic vibrations to clean those pearly whites to near-dentist levels of spotlessness. It also has an inbuilt two-minute timer, with 30-second pulses to let the little tykes know that it’s time to change quadrant. Pretty nifty. The bristles are soft, so they’re safe on braces, wobbly teeth or even those endearing gaps where the big teeth haven’t come up yet.

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The jury is out on if electric brushing is better than manual or not. quip’s vibrations do help with combating over-brush, limiting damage to teeth and gums as your rugrats learn the proper brushing technique. It also means that you’ll end up with less splatter to clean up (hopefully) as they won’t be vigorously pretending their teeth are a Pop-art splatter painting.

The toothbrush comes with a slim stand that suctions to surfaces, meaning you can put it in easy reach of your kids as they grow. The brushes are battery-powered, with a three month use time off one AA battery. BTdubs, those come with the subscription plan, or you could go the rechargeable route if you prefer.

Just like the adult version, the quip kids’ toothbrush works on a subscription basis. Brushing-as-a-Service? BaaS? Anyway, $25 gets you the brush and a starter set, then it’s either $5 for a fresh small brush head + battery every three months, with the option of a new tube of toothpaste each delivery for another $5. Shipping is always free, and getting a new brush head every three months sets up good habits for the dentist-recommended replacement schedule. Refills can be purchased separately if needed, and you can cancel the subscription at any time.

What do you think? Will this be something you look into for your kids? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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