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Review: EPOS H3Pro Hybrid – a solid, yet pricey headset with ANC

The ultimate H3 headset from EPOS.

epos h3 hybrid headphones
Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

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EPOS has had a pretty busy year when it comes to headset releases. First, there was the H3 released back in April. Then, the company introduced the H3 Hybrid in September, bringing in the ability to connect the headset to two different devices at once using Bluetooth.

All of that has culminated in the release of the H3Pro Hybrid from EPOS. The H3Pro Hybrid is the highest-tier option in the H3 lineup, packing all sorts of technology into one device.

I’ve had the chance to give the H3PRO Hybrid headset a try over the last couple of weeks. The headset retails for $279, so it fits in that premium gaming headset category. Let’s just get straight into the review and see what this headset is all about.

The H3Pro Hybrid is very familiar

h3pro hybrid headset
The H3Pro Hybrid with the microphone attached (Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie)

In terms of design, not a lot has changed between the H3 Hybrid and the newer H3Pro. It features the same aluminum headband covered with a soft foam and mesh cloth for your head to rest in. It also has the same leather earcups with a soft cloth cover on the end, so the headset doesn’t get too hot after wearing it for a long time.

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Also, like the H3 Hybrid, the H3Pro Hybrid features a detachable magnetic boom microphone that can be taken off at any time to turn the headset into a sleek pair of headphones. It has an adjustable sound wheel on the right side as well, so you can adjust your headset volume without having to mess with your computer’s settings.

The only place where the design really differs on the H3Pro is the color. The original H3 Hybrid is available in both black and white, but the H3Pro Hybrid only comes in dark blue. The color of the H3Pro Hybrid is pretty nice, but I’m not sure why EPOS doesn’t offer any additional colors.

And what about sound and connection?

headphones on table
Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

So, in terms of design, the H3Pro Hybrid isn’t super special or different than its predecessor. Fortunately, there are some additional features added to the H3Pro that weren’t on the H3 Hybrid, making this version just a little bit better.

First, there’s the addition of Active Noise Canceling (ANC). The H3Pro Hybrid features a button right on the back of the headset that switches Active Noise Canceling on so that you can game without having to worry about any outside noises or distractions.

I tried the ANC out on the H3Pro Hybrid, and I was pretty impressed. With it being autumn in my small town, everybody seems to be blowing and mowing leaves, and the town trucks are running pretty constantly to keep the streets clean. It’s really a super annoying time of year, but the ANC on the H3Pro Hybrid drowns a lot of that noise out, making it much more bearable.

But ANC does have a pretty significant effect on the headset’s battery life. The H3Pro is rated for 30 hours of battery life without ANC being active. If you turn ANC on, however, it brings that battery life down to about 19 hours. I didn’t do any strenuous testing on the battery life of the headset, but I found that the battery life was at least close to that 19-hour number, and I used ANC almost constantly.

The H3Pro Hybrid also adds in a nice feature that I was frustrated was missing from the original H3 Hybrid. The H3 Hybrid featured a Bluetooth connection so you could listen wirelessly, but it lacked a dedicated dongle for connecting to a PC that doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities.

But the H3Pro Hybrid remedied that mistake. This time, the headset does come with a dongle that you can use to hook up the headset to your PC without having to worry about Bluetooth capabilities. You can even connect the headset to your PC wirelessly with the dongle and to another device using Bluetooth at the same time.

Final thoughts on the EPOS H3Pro Hybrid

epos h3 pro headphones
Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

Despite the fact that the H3Pro Hybrid remedied the one thing that I didn’t like about the original H3 Hybrid, I can’t find myself recommending this headset. Let me explain.

Don’t get me wrong; the H3Pro Hybrid is a great headset. It’s super comfortable and offers a great, clear sound that performs wonderfully in every game I threw at it. However, I’m just not sure that the additional features are worth the extra $100 that this headset costs over the H3 Hybrid.

Sure, this newer version features Active Noise Cancelling. However, I will say that I thoroughly enjoy the Active Noise Cancelling, especially early in the morning when I’m just trying to get a few games in without being bothered by anything else.

And EPOS decided to offer the dedicated dongle with the H3Pro Hybrid instead of relying solely on Bluetooth as a connection option. But are those features really worth an extra $100? Not quite, in my opinion.

But I’m not bashing this headset at all. I think it offers great sound, and it is extremely comfortable, even after long gaming sessions. I just feel the same way about the original H3 Hybrid, and that option is $100 cheaper. For me, the upgrades that the H3Pro Hybrid brings to the table aren’t quite worth the $100 increase in price.

Where to buy

My suggestion would be to opt for the cheaper H3 Hybrid (in either black or white) and snag yourself a Bluetooth dongle that you can plug into your PC to utilize its wireless connectivity.

If ANC and the dedicated dongle are worth it to you, however, you can snag the headset from Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, or EPOS directly for $279.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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