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Google says goodbye to first-gen Chromecast

Lights, camera, action – a new Chromecast chapter begins.

Google Chromecast Review
Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

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It seems like just yesterday when we at KnowTechie reviewed one of our first-ever gadgets, the first-generation Google Chromecast.

Well, time flies, and after nearly a decade-long run, the tech giant is waving goodbye to its pioneer dongle.

Yep, the initial Chromecast model is officially no longer receiving software updates or security patches, with the last update rolling out on April 27.

Now you might be wondering what this means for your old Chromecast buddy. Without new updates, performance could drop faster than your jaw during a mind-bending episode of Black Mirror.

The original Chromecast dongle is as old as this website: 9 years

Google Chromecast

But let’s face it, it’s an aging device, and you might already be grappling with performance hiccups. In fact, there are users who’ve noticed a considerable drop in speed on their devices over the years. Time for a fresh start, maybe?

Well, this is your perfect excuse to treat yourself to an upgrade. The third-gen Chromecast from 2018 offers access to the best streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Disney, and Paramount Plus, and a whole mess of others.

It’s a real box-office star with prices dancing around $40/£32/$60 AUD.

Or, why not explore a deal-sweetener? The updated Chromecast with Google TV is hot stuff these days as it supports the stunning 4K resolution, Dolby Vision, and HDR10 Plus formats.

As for your trusty first-gen companion, let’s send it off gracefully

chromecast with google tv on purple backgbround
Image: KnowTechie

Google has a recycling program to tackle e-waste, so slap on the free shipping label they provide, and give your old dongle a responsible farewell. All you have to do is rquest the label from Google, and you can do it here while you’re at it.

f you don’t want to go through the whole shipping process, you’re free to recycle it yourself, just as long as it’s done responsibly. This is where Google Maps comes in. Search for your nearest recycling center and you’re well on your way.

Go ahead and treat yourself to a new streaming dongle because there’s a whole lot of binge-worthy content waiting for you.

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