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Exciting updates coming to Samsung Galaxy Buds series

Get ready for a smarter and a more seamless Samsung Galaxy Buds experience.

samsung galaxy buds pro 2 in black, white and purple colors

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series was truly a landmark, as it was indeed the stepping stone for Samsung to offer new possibilities with the Power of the Galaxy AI

According to the company’s latest blog post, it is expanding its range of advanced audio technologies throughout the Samsung Galaxy Buds line, including the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, Galaxy Buds FE, and the Galaxy Buds Pro 2.

New features are expected to start rolling out toward the end of February.

Blurring the communication barrier with the Samsung Galaxy Buds 

An illustration showing two people communicating in different languages, with translation taking place through technology. On the left, a woman holds a smartphone translating "Bonjour" to "Hello," and on the right, a man hears the translation through an earpiece. Speech bubbles illustrate the translation process.
Image: Samsung

Starting right off the bat with the new translation function, or Interpreter as Samsung calls it.   

Samsung claims the feature gets even better when the Galaxy S24 is paired with the Galaxy Buds to optimize it further by separating sound during conversation. 

In addition, it eliminates the need for manual adjustment, as the order of the speech can be swapped simply by tapping the buds.

Seamless connectivity with the Samsung ecosystem

The latest updates will bring immersive sound and beefed-up translation features and enable you to connect the Galaxy Buds seamlessly with other Samsung devices. 

Samsung introduced the Auracast last year for Samsung Smart TVs on Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, turning them into a shared radio station that can be broadcast across multiple Galaxy Buds. 

Now, the feature is coming to Samsung’s phones and tablets, including the Galaxy S24 series. 

The exact opposite is happening with the 360 audio feature, however. It used to be available on Samsung phones and tablets, but now it is coming to a selection of Samsung’s Neo QLED and OLED TVs. 

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Buds will be there to track your head movement to deliver a truly immersive experience. 

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Series Laptops
Source: Enews Today

As the name suggests, the Auto switch feature automatically switches your Galaxy Buds between your Samsung devices. 

After the update arrives, Samsung will expand this feature to its Windows PCs, the Galaxy Book 4 series

Samsung says the software updates will be progressively available from the end of February on the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, Galaxy Buds FE, and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. 

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