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Samsung Internet browser finally makes the jump to Windows

Yet another Chromium-based browser for Windows PCs.

Samsung Internet for Desktop with logo.
Samsung Internet for Desktop

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While there are a ton of browser apps on Android phones, Samsung Internet is among the best. The Korean company’s browser app even surpasses the famed Google Chrome in some areas. 

If you have ever used a Samsung smartphone, you should be familiar with the Samsung Internet, which comes pre-installed with every Galaxy phone.

It is fast and has a number of features, but popularity has been limited due to the lack of a desktop app. That is until now! Samsung Internet is now available on Windows PCs running Windows 10 or higher.

You can now sync data from your phone with Samsung Internet

This is a screenshot of a computer program displaying text in Korean with a "Samsung Internet" logo and a blue "Continue" button, set against a dark blue gradient background.
Source: SamMobile

The folks at SamMobile were the first to spot the browser, and they did try it on their Windows machine, confirming you can now download the Chromium-based browser from the Microsoft Store.

Like on your Galaxy smartphones, you need to access the new Samsung desktop browser with your Samsung account. 

Samsung Internet will then sync data from your phone to your PC and vice-versa.

It’s a big step for Samsung, which could push more users toward Samsung’s new desktop browsers, especially with the benefits of the data-syncing services across devices.

However, according to the outlet, the function to sync passwords is still missing from the browser. They will likely add it at a later date. 

So, for the moment, you can only sync open tabs, and access browsing history, bookmarks and saved pages. 

In addition, Samsung Internet also lets you import data from other browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

The browser works with Windows-based PCs and laptops. The only catch is it has to be running Windows 10 or later.

The browser feels very familiar to its Android counterpart, and the size is about 130MB.

Samsung Internet also has the usual desktop browser perks, like the support for ad blockers and extensions from the Chrome Web Store. There are also light, dark, and incognito modes.

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