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Samsung’s Galaxy S21 phones will not come with a charger or headphones

Man, the future sucks.

samsung galaxy s21
Image: Samsung

I hate that I have to write an article about this, but yea, Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 phones won’t have a wall charger or headphones in the box. The absolute nerve, huh? All the box will include is a USB-C to USB-C cable. You’re responsible for your own charger. Again, if you buy Samsung’s new $800+ phone, the company will not provide you with a charger.

Samsung knows they have some explaining to do, so to ease the burden, they’re reducing the cost of its 25W power adapter to $20. It typically sells for $35 (which is the price still being displayed on the site). Mind you, it probably costs them less than a dollar to make these, but hey, thanks for the $15 discount, you jerks.

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This isn’t anything new though, we expected it, actually. Apple is doing the same thing, too, not to mention Xiaomi. They say it’s for “environmental reasons,” but deep down, we know it’s just another way for them to cut down on costs. If they cared about the environment so much, they wouldn’t release a new phone each year.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 was announced just this week, with preorders available now. The phone is set to launch on January 29. Read up on everything you need to know here.

Do you think these companies should be including the charger in the box? Interested in the Galaxy S21? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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