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Score a 1-yr subscription to Dashlane’s password manager for just $30

Keep all your passwords secure and in one place for only $30

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If you’re like many individuals, you may frequently forget important passwords over time. Cue in Dashlane. This password manager premium plan helps to securely house all your essential information in one place, taking the stress out of remembering all your passwords. Best yet, you can now purchase a 1-yr subscription at 50% off.

Named App of the Year by both Apple and Google, this smart password manager will never allow you to forget a password again. With an extraordinarily safe yet straightforward interface, Dashlane works with all platforms and browsers and gives you the ability to log into accounts with a simple click instantly. You’ll be able to log into any website or app, make online payments, and so much more — all while seamlessly syncing to all your devices. It’s proprietary semantic technology, DashIQ™, is more accurate and robust than ever, and with its self-correcting autofill, the technology will quickly learn fields that it doesn’t initially recognize.

Designed with a military-grade encrypted vault and two-factor authentication, you’ll have the utmost security wherever you go. With a technology that allows you to share unlimited passwords or secure notes with friends or co-workers, you can rest assured that your information will not be compromised while sharing content. You can even set up an emergency contact to inherit all your passwords in case there ever is an emergency. As described by The New York Times, Dashlane is “Life-changingly great.”

While access to a year-long subscription of Dashlane Password Manager Premium Plan is typically priced at $59, you can keep all your passwords secure and in one place for only $30. Your online privacy and security should come first, and, with this top-rated solution, you’ll be able to make this priority a reality.

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