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Signed is a new mail-order greeting card service that uses your handwriting

Will I actually need to leave the house ever again?

Signed cards home page
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There are tons of greetings card vendors out there. You know the type we mean; you head to the website, pick a design, type a message, and pay the vendor to send the card. It is a super convenient and easy way of getting birthday cards to people. Especially when getting to the store is difficult.

Also, anyone who has had a lockdown birthday (mine was July 11th, I’m still waiting for all your cards to arrive) will be thankful for this kind of service. It has meant that we could receive cards without risking the health of ourselves and our families.

However, one thing that is apparent is the lack of that final personal flourish that comes with a greetings card. Normally, when you send a store-bought card, what do you do? You write in it, of course. Like, with your hands and a nice pen. It adds that personal touch to a card that simply isn’t there with a pre-typed card. Well, that is all about to change…allow me to introduce to you, Signed.

A human touch

So, what makes Signed so different from regular card vendors? Well, with Signed, you are (almost) writing the card yourself. See, the idea is a nice simple one. Imagine you’re sending a card for Grandma. She might be a little put out if you don’t write the card yourself. You’ve “always had such lovely penmanship,” says Grandma, shaking her head at your impersonal card. Instead, Signed uses your handwriting to write a message inside the card and it couldn’t be easier.

First, as with most of these services, you need to pick a design. That is the first stage taken care of. Then all you need to do is write your message with a pen and paper as you normally would. Using the Signed app, you then take a snap of your hand-written message. The app works a bit like a scanner, photographing your message and printing it on the card. That way, Grandma can tell it was you who sent the card and see that lovely writing she is so proud of you for. You can even adjust the size and placement of your written message so it fits inside the card.

Now everyone is happy

We think Signed is a really cool idea. It has all the convenience of greeting cards delivery services, while also keeping that human facet that makes greeting cards so special. With the situation across the globe being fairly critical, especially in terms of people’s health, the less contact we and our families have with the outside world, the better (for now, at least).

If someone you know has a birthday or special occasion approaching and you don’t yet feel comfortable going out in public spaces while mask-refusing Karens scream blue, Covid-filled murder all over everyone in the parking lot, then Signed is the service for you. Stay safe and send birthday wishes to your family. If you do need to go out in public, then WEAR A MASK.

What do you think? Could you see yourself using an app like this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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