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Sonos’ first portable speaker is here and it’s going to set you back $400

That’s a big ol’ smart speaker.

sonos move indoor charge bluetooth speaker
Image: Sonos

Sonos is expanding out of your home with its first portable outdoor speaker. It’s called the Sonos Move because apparently they use the same branding agent as Bose and all the good names were taken.

The real question on everyone’s lips – Why?

The Sonos Move is a $400 portable smart speaker because carrying your voice assistant in your pocket is too hard

Image: Sonos

I mean, part of the magic of Sonos is that its speakers are easy to place, setup, and forget. Now, that would make for a good portable speaker as well, but just look at how big it is. Do you really want to carry that around? It’s also $400, when the best speaker in that class, the UE Boom, is a third of the price. Is voice assistant functionality and the Sonos name worth that additional premium? Heck, it’s even more expensive than Sonos’ existing outdoor speakers.

Maybe it’ll be great and I’ll be retracting my snark but I don’t know, just seems like a premium price tag.

Here’s the rundown on the specs:

  • 10-hour battery life
  • Connectivity includes WiFi and Bluetooth
  • IP56 rating for some degree of outdoors-proofing
  • Comes equipped with Trueplay, Sonos’ tech that tunes its sound signature according to its surroundings
  • Alexa and Google Assistant support

Anyway, if you actually want one of the Sonos Move speakers, they’ll be $400 and Sonos is shipping for delivery before September 24.

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