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Sonos set to launch headphones rivaling AirPods Max in 2024

Priced at $449, these headphones promise superior sound and seamless integration with the Sonos ecosystem.

Two stylized drawings of headphones against a purple background, one on each side, with schematic-like detailing and dates "1802" and "1804" on the bands.
Image: KnowTechie via U.S. Patent Office

Sonos is about to crash the headphone scene with a bang – or, should we say, with a bass drop? I don’t know; judging from the recent news, it seems it might not, either.

For some background, Sonos, known for making some of the best-sounding, high-quality speakers, will start selling headphones in June 2024. Originally, they planned for an April launch, but we’ll get to that part shortly.

Delay in the Symphony

Initially teased to serenade our ears by April 2024, Sonos hit a snag with a sticky software issue, pushing the release party to June.

  • Price Tag? A cool $449. No chump change, but Sonos isn’t known for playing in the budget league either.
  • Direct Competitor? The AirPods Max. Apple’s over-ear luxe cans have been ruling the high-end segment without a challenger in sight until now.

Sonos isn’t just aiming to join the fray; they’re looking to lead the band. With an over-ear design that screams chic, voice control that listens to your every whim, and an in-sync ability with the entire Sonos ecosystem, these headphones are less accessory and more necessary.

“Delight customers and drive immediate revenue,” Sonos CEO Patrick Spence recently declared in an earnings call. Those are bold words, but given Sonos’s track record, they are not out of their playlist.

So, what’s next?

Sonos TV Box? Alongside the headphones, Sonos might be eyeing your TV cabinet with a set-top box to jostle with Apple TV, reports Bloomberg. But we’ll keep our focus on one thing at a time here.

Takeaway: The Sonos Setlist

Sonos stepping into the headphone game isn’t just another product launch; it’s a statement. A declaration that quality sound, innovative design, and tech-forward thinking aren’t just reserved for your living room speakers.

As June 2024 slowly approaches one thing’s certain: Sonos is not just looking to join the headphone party. They’re planning to throw it. And we’re all invited.

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