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Sony is working on a Final Fantasy XIV television series

First Twisted Metal, now this?!

final fantasy xiv characters
Image: Square Enix

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In the past view months, Sony has made it clear that other people suck at making video game movies and if you want it done right you gotta do it yourself. After announcing a Twisted Metal series in the works, now the company is letting us in on another one – Final Fantasy XIV.

Yup, PlayStation Productions is working on a television series based on the popular MMORPG and honestly, I’m 100% here for it.

What to do about the Final Fantasy XIV series

Not a ton of information is currently available about the series (like characters featured, actors hired, or even story), but here’s what we do know:

  • It will take place in Eorzea, the world where FF XIV takes place
  • The series will look at “the struggle between magic and technology in a quest to bring peace to a land in conflict”
  • Hivemind Entertainment is the production company (currently working on Netflix’s Witcher series and Amazon’s The Expanse)
  • The infamous Cid will be present, as well as airships and chocobos

While I’ve never spent too much time in Final Fantasy XIV, I’m always down for new adaptations of grand fantasy tales, and I mean, it’s called Final Fantasy so yeah, I mean, you do the math.

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