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Sony is apparently ramping PlayStation 5 production up by 50% to meet COVID-19 demand

According to a report, the company is looking at producing over 9 million units instead of the original 5-6 million.

Playstation 5 on its side
Image: Sony

As Sony gears up for its next-gen PlayStation 5 launch, it is being reported that the company is already looking at ramping up production in the wake of COVID-19.

If the Nintendo Switch is anything to go by, people have one major concern when faced with prolonged time at home – more entertainment. Now, Nikkei is reporting that Sony is already planning on producing more of the upcoming console in 2020 to meet gamers’ demands. Originally, Sony was planning on producing 5-6 million units, but now Sony has “raised production orders for its upcoming PlayStation 5 to around 9 million units,” according to the report.

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised to see this increased production plan already. We still don’t have a release date or pricing point for the PlayStation 5. One thing that has made the Nintendo Switch so appealing during stay-at-home orders and social distancing is that the Switch is an affordable entertainment option for families, coming in at $299.  The PS5, on the other hand, still doesn’t have a price point, but many are expecting it to be $500 or more.

Production is only one part of the equation however, as shipping will also play a large roll in how quickly consoles can get into gamers’ hands. Engadget notes, “Most [consoles] are manufactured in China and shipped via ocean freighters, and COVID-19 demand for consoles and other home entertainment products has jammed everything up.” They note that Sony may look into air cargo options for transportation.

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