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Sony releases an officially licensed Seagate 2TB hard drive

Sony calls it a “Game Drive,” but we’re not idiots, it’s just a hard drive.

sony 2tb hard drive on table

Announced this week, the Sony Game Drive is a 2TB external hard drive from Seagate, a company that is no stranger to making quality hard drives. 2TB should be plenty for most gamers, so if you find yourself struggling with which games to keep on your PlayStation 4, this could definitely be helpful.

Sony claims it has been optimized for PlayStation 4 and to expect the same load speeds as those found on the internal hard drive. What those optimizations are, I do not know. I’d guess not much, and instead, you’re just paying more for a licensed product.

The product is completely self-contained, just plug it into your console and you’re ready to go. It is powered from the same USB that is used to connect it to the PlayStation.

Honestly, it’s probably not worth the price. Coming in at $89.99, you can get the exact same hard drive (minus the PlayStation logo) for $59.99 on Amazon. Then, if you feel 2TB isn’t enough, you can literally double that amount of storage with the same 4TB version for $94.

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