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8BitDo brings some retro controller love to SEGA Genesis fans

Retro gamers rejoice.

8bitdo sega genesis controller
Image: 8BitDo

Look, everybody loves the retro-induced boner brought on by Nintendo. We get it, you played games as a child. But while everyone is busy trying to relive the nostalgia the mere mutterings of the word Nintendo brings on, we seem to forget about another great system that many of us played growing up – the SEGA Genesis.

Now, 8BitDo, the company behind various NES and Super Nintendo Bluetooth-enable controllers, is releasing a couple products that are sure to make old-school Genesis gamers happy.

The 8BitDo M30 controller

This wireless remake of the classic SEGA Genesis controller is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. With a release date set for the end of February, this will give games that still own a Genesis (and SEGA Mega Drive) a way to wirelessly play their favorite games.

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It should be noted that this is a 2.4Ghz system, and not true Bluetooth, so the adapter that is included will not work with other Bluetooth controller options. This controller can be yours for $24.99.

Retro Receiver for SEGA Genesis

If you want to have more options with retro gaming on your Genesis, then a pure Bluetooth option is probably your best bet. No worries, 8BitDo has that covered, as well.

The Retro Receiver, also available at the end of February, gives your Genesis and Mega Drive true Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can use any Bluetooth-capable controller with the console. Whether that is a mod kit from 8BitDo, a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller, or any third-party controller, connectivity is possible.

The Retro Receiver will also run $24.99 on Amazon.

So, if you miss your time with your SEGA Genesis, now is probably the best time to dust it off and fire it up.

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