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8BitDo launches new gaming controller focused on accessibility

And it’s only $34.99.

8bitdo lite se game controller
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It’s always nice to see gaming companies leveraging technology to create more accessible hardware, and that’s what 8BitDo has done with the 8BitDo Lite SE. The Lite SE is a newly designed controller for gamers with limited mobility.

8BitDo is already a player in the controller game. The company is known for its wireless retro controllers, as well as a line built specifically with Xbox in mind. But its latest project takes a bit of a different turn in an effort to make gaming accessible to more people.

The 8BitDo Lite SE (compatible with Nintendo Switch and Android) takes what we already know from today’s gaming controllers and rearranges the layout a bit. It features an individual button for almost every single function, and all buttons are located on the face of the controller.

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For example, L1, L2, R1, and R2 are common buttons on the shoulder area of most controllers. The Lite SE brings them to the front with their own dedicated button on each side.

Additionally, the L3 and R3 buttons, which you would usually activate by pressing the analog sticks, also have their own dedicated button on the 8BitDo Lite SE. The controller still has two analog sticks, but they are a little easier to press thanks to less resistance and extra sensitivity.

There’s also a non-slip rubber grip on the back of the controller. And since it’s completely flat all the way around, you can easily use the controller without having to hold it in your hands.

Why this design for the 8BitDo Lite SE?

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The process of 8BitDo coming up with the design of the Lite SE is a unique and heartwarming one. The company was approached by dedicated father Andreas Karlsson who was looking for a controller to help his son enjoy games.

Oskar Karlsson loved gaming but had trouble pressing the shoulder buttons on his controller due to a rare neuromuscular disorder. So his father reached out to 8BitDo, and the company began working on the new controller.

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Even better, Oskar and his father had the opportunity to work with the company and help develop the design for the controller.

This is a truly amazing story. Video games have a unique power that lets gamers slip into characters and experience new worlds and stories. And any company that works to help bring those kinds of experiences to a wider audience is a winner in my book.

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On top of everything else, 8BitDo makes its controller even more accessible with its price. The 8BitDo Lite SE is available for preorder now for just $34.99. That makes it the cheapest controller with analog sticks that 8BitDo offers.

Preorders are open now and the controller will begin shipping on July 15.

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