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Sparklite is a randomly-generated Zelda-like game and it’s exactly as fun as it sounds

If you like fighting things in games like Link to the Past, Hyper Light Drifter, and Secret of Mana, I know for certain you’re going to like Sparklite.

Sparklite screenshot
Image: Red Blue Games

The first thing you’ll notice about Sparklite is the vibrant, colorful, neoclassical pixel art graphics. That much is obvious just by watching a trailer. The rest, you’ll want to experience for yourself.

I try not to make previews, hands-on articles a definitive review, but there are several experiences I had at this PAX West that just left me feeling like, “Yes, this is enough information to say that this game is for sure a GOOD GAME.” My time with Sparklite was one of those.

In Sparklite you start by crashing your ship in a mysterious storm. From there, you need to explore an ever-changing world to gather resources, defeat the local, nefarious forces, and put the pieces back together. There 5 bosses to get through, 6 permanent gadgets, and tons of consumables.

Here’s a better look at Sparklite to give you a sense of what I’m talking about here

My problem here is that I can feel that the game is good, but it’s hard to put that into a single digestible hook. The screen shake is just intense enough. The dash feels just right. It never feels unfair when I take damage. The consumables feel just powerful enough to make them worth using, but not so powerful that you want to hoard them forever. I spent about 20 minutes with this one and I could easily see myself sitting down with Sparklite for a whole day, only taking breaks to order pizza.

If you like fighting things in games like Link to the PastHyper Light Drifter, and Secret of Mana, I know for certain you’re going to like Sparklite.

I’m just glad it’s coming out in Fall 2019 on virtually every platform – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, and Mac – because I can’t wait to get my hands on the full game. Preorders for the game are now available.

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