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Spotify Free users can now stream on Alexa, Bose, and Sonos smart speakers – Here’s how to set it up

Is this an answer to Amazon’s recent pushes in the music space?

spotify new features
Image: Spotify

Spotify is releasing a new update for Spotify Free users. They now can stream music on a variety of smart speakers, including Amazon Alexa devices like the Echo, plus Sonos and Bose speakers options.

By connecting whichever speaker you own to Spotify, users can ask it to play their current favorite playlist, curated daily mixes, and more. Free users also have access to all the personalized playlists the company touts, like the new Your Daily Podcasts feature.

This announcement comes only a day after Amazon said they were giving non-Prime subscribers access to Amazon Music that led to a drop in Spotify stock. This new update looks like a jab back at Amazon and a way to make the Free tier more appealing for those who are interested in trying it out.

Spotify Free users can now stream on Amazon Alexa, Sonos, and Bose speakers

If you want to use the new feature on either an Amazon Alexa-equipped device or one of the other listed speakers, we’ll show you how below.

Amazon Alexa

This can also work on the Amazon Fire TV, which is pretty cool.

  1. Download Alexa App onto your phone
  2. Open the app and get connected to your device
  3. Once connected, tap the Settings tab
  4. Tap on Music
  5. Touch Link New Service
  6. Then tap on the Spotify button and put in your username and password

Sonos and Bose

Unlike Alexa enabled devices, Sonos and Bose speakers will use the Spotify Connect feature. Spotify does recommend to update the firmware on your speakers.

  1. Before connecting, make sure the speaker and phone are on the same Wi-Fi network
  2. Once connected, go into the Devices menu
  3. From there, select which Sonos or Bose device you own and connect
  4. Start listening to your favorite band

What do you think? Do you have a free Spotify account? Plan on trying out these features? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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