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Tesla’s Cybertruck production has been pushed back to 2022 to the surprise of no one

You can add another thing to the ‘delayed by coronavirus’ list.

Tesla cybertruck
Image: Tesla

You can add another thing to the ‘delayed by coronavirus’ list, as Tesla’s Cybertruck now isn’t going into production until 2022. That’s confirmed by Tesla’s order page for the Cybertruck after Electrek noticed the timeline for production in 2021 looked increasingly slim.

This isn’t really a surprise, as CEO Elon Musk said in January that a 2021 shipping date for any Cybertruck orders was only going to be possible “if we get lucky.” It seems that luck was not on their side this year, with the production run slated for some time in 2022.

When Tesla announced its Q2 2021 financials, the only nod to the Cybertruck production timeline was this line: “We are also making progress on the industrialization of Cybertruck, which is currently planned for Austin production subsequent to Model Y.“

The Model Y was scheduled to start production in Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory before the end of 2021, making any production run of the Cybertruck unlikely in 2021.

All three variants of the Cybertruck are now saying they’ll go into production in 2022. Previously, Tesla had said that the two higher-end models, Dual Motor and Tri-Motor, would be in production before the lowest-priced Single Motor model.

Will one of Tesla’s competitors manage to bring an electric pickup truck to the US before the EV market leader? Maybe, but they’ll all need their own good luck to overcome delays.

Rivian’s R1T EV pickup truck isn’t starting production until September now, Lordstown is having its own issues, GM might manage to bring the Hummer EV to the US before the year is out, and Ford’s F150 EV isn’t coming until 2022.

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