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The best gaming speakers (2024)

These are great for when you don’t feel like wearing a bulky headset.

Image: KnowTechie

In gaming, audio can make a big difference. Environmental sound effects, for example, will pull you towards greater immersion and can bring up your competitive edge. Conversely, poor audio will sap your gaming prowess and break your streak. This is where a reliable gaming speaker enters the frame. 

However, the best gaming speaker can be difficult to find because of the number of available products online. Somehow, the task will become easier once you start browsing the gaming speakers listed below.

So, feast your eyes on the best and coolest gaming speakers!

TaoTronics Gaming Speaker

taotonics bluetooth speaker

Image: KnowTechie

The TaoTronics Gaming Speaker can be a minimalist’s prized item. Lightweight and compact, the TaoTronics speaker is designed for small spaces without sacrificing audio quality. You don’t even have to worry about cables and tricky setups.

Equipped with finely tuned 7W drivers, you can expect for a real immersive audio experience that rivals very few brands. Environments will come to life, virtual gunfire will keep you to your toes, and the death rattle of your enemies will get more satisfying. There are even other fancy features like a built-in timer for recording play sessions and wired headphone compatibility. 

TaoTronics 7W Gaming Speaker is also Bluetooth 5.0-ready. If you don’t like Bluetooth, you can still rely on the speaker’s wired connection system. Perhaps the only barrier of this speaker is its steep $50 price. Simply consider it as your gaming investment so that you won’t have doubts or regrets!

AmazonBasics USB Powered Multimedia Speakers

amazonbasics usb radios

Image: KnowTechie

Are you looking for a high-quality gaming speaker that won’t break the bank? In that case, you should consider the popular AmazonBasics USB-powered Multimedia Speaker. It’s powerful, lightweight, affordable, and built for long-term usage.

With high-performance 5V computer speakers, AmazonBasics can step up your PC’s gaming audio caliber. It’s even calibrated to prevent unstable bass audio – a common pitfall among cheap speakers from online and physical stores. The AmazonBasics has a plug-and-play system so you can use it right away without downloading or integrating anything. Each speaker of the AmazonBasics unit (max of 2) has 1.2 watts of power. The maximum frequency reached by this speaker unit is 20 KHz. 

When it comes to style, AmazonBasics is ‘weirdly basic.’ The silvery sheen is acceptable and each speaker is shaped like an overturned trash bin. Still, if you’re not too concerned with style, the AmazonBasics Dynamic Speaker is probably the speaker that you’d ever need!

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Razer Leviathan

razer leviathan speaker

Image: KnowTechie

It’s no surprise that any product under the Razer name can hold out on its own. The Razer Leviathan, for example, has been pretty popular among gaming speaker aficionados and hardcore gamers. 

What’s not to love with Razer Leviathan? It’s powered by Dolby Digital technology, guaranteeing explosive sounds and immersive audio. The unit’s dedicated subwoofer can even amplify audio by as much as 200%. Technology-wise, Razer Leviathan is a beautiful beast. It has NFC function for dynamically fast device pairing and Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connectivity. Leviathan’s frequency range is 180 Hz to 20 KHz.

The Razer Leviathan is designed for pro gamers and audio engineers. So you shouldn’t be surprised with its ‘above $150’ price mark. It even looks classier than most speakers, perhaps reflecting its tag price.

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Razer Nommo Chroma

razer nommo dual option

Image: Amazon

Another item from the Razer product line is the Nommo Chroma gaming speaker. Designed for maximum audio experience, the Nommo Chroma is more than what it looks like.

Due to its special woven glass fiber exterior, the Nommo Chroma speaker is capable of delivering tighter sound with impressive audio details. Its rear-facing bass ports eliminate unstable sounds, further improving the experience. This is excellent for continuous gaming sessions. Plus, the included bass knob will allow you to control the audio output effectively. 

The Razer Nommo Chroma is a must-have for casual or professional gamers alike. You just need to place the L/R speakers in a stable position since they have narrow stands. 

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Redragon GS500 Stentor PC Speaker

reddragon bluetooth speaker

Image: KnowTechie

As one of the coolest gaming speakers in the market today, the Redragon GS500 continues to satisfy many gamers far and wide. With just one look, you’d be convinced by the GS500’s sleek style and remarkable performance.

The Redragon GS500 is more than just style. It has a 2.0 Stereo Core system with advanced sound drive unit. Simply turn up the volume and you will unlock a great audio experience unlike other. With a plug-and-play system, you can start a music party synchronized across all possible devices. The red backlight will also work perfectly to heighten everyone’s mood. 

At around the $30 mark, you won’t have a difficult time acquiring the Redragon GS500. It’s even capable of outperforming speakers within the $50 mark!

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GOgroove Desktop Speakers

gogroove bluetooth option

Image: KnowTechie

A weak computer audio can ruin your gaming experience significantly. It’s like completing a lengthy main quest only to receive a mediocre reward. The GOgroove Desktop Speaker can end such frustration by offering powerful audio capability and a stylish appeal to boot.

The GOgroove looks similar to common illuminated speakers in stores. The similarities end there because GOgroove is capable of delivering clear audio with excellent bass output. If your computer is already great at audio, GOgroove can improve that. Plus, the speaker is compact and lightweight so you can put it at small spaces. The blue LED light is a real killer at night – perfect for those late gaming sessions.

GOgroove also comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. It has a maximum frequency response rate of 20 KHz.

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Cyber Acoustics 2.0 Desktop Speaker

cyber bluetooth speaker

Image: KnowTechie

The Cyber Acoustics 2.0 is an innovative Bluetooth desktop speaker that prioritizes convenience and long-term reliability. It’s an affordable desktop speaker with numerous color options and lighting modes.

While its function is similar to dozens of other options out there, the Cyber Acoustics 2.0 maintains its strength through an ingenious curve design. With this design, you will experience clear and crisp audio during your gaming sessions. Cyber Acoustics speaker is also user-friendly – you don’t need advanced technical know-how to operate it. Another interesting feature of Cyber Acoustics speaker is the dynamic lighting system. You can turn the lights on and off anytime you want. 

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Creative Pebble Plus 2.1

creative pebble

Image: KnowTechie

It has been proven many times that gadgets with cute names can deliver awesome power. The Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 is direct proof. It’s a unique-looking speaker with numerous features that can take your gaming or listening experience to a better level.

Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 has a powerful, standalone down-firing subwoofer for boosting audio performance. Whether you’re playing a game, watching a movie, or listening to your favorite tunes, this speaker unit won’t disappoint you. The drivers are also slightly elevated, creating a small soundstage for improved immersion. If you want to push the experience further, you can activate the speaker’s ‘high gain mode.’ This mode raises the speaker’s power output for a remarkable bass performance. Indubitably, your room will rock.

Convenience is another strong suit of Creative Pebble Plus. It’s USB-powered so you don’t have to worry about intertwined cables. Still, a cable is included if you prefer using it.

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Osunlin Surround Sound Computer Speaker

osunlin bluetooth speaker

Image: KnowTechie

Another affordable yet invaluable option on this list is the Osunlin Surround Sound Computer Speaker. It’s a soundbar so you can put it in small spaces without any hassle.

The Osunlin Sound Bar is USB-powered so there’s no need for batteries. One advantage of being USB-powered is the fact that you can bring it anywhere. If you’re a digital nomad, for example, the Osunlin speaker should be included in your to-go bag. It’s compatible with laptops, desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, projectors, MP4s, and even TVs. When it comes to audio quality, Osunlin leads the charge through its surround sound function and 5W speakers.

And last but not the least, Osunlin’s multi-colored LED lights are great for evening gaming sessions!

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KEiiD Bluetooth PC Speaker

keiid speaker

Image: KnowTechie

All the great gaming speaker functions in the world will crumble without an element of durability. This is the real strength of the popular KEiiD Bluetooth Speaker, and perhaps even more.

The KEiiD Bluetooth Speaker is best for your home or office. Its upscale appearance is pleasing to the eyes, and the aluminum housing offers maximum integrity protection. In terms of audio delivery, the KEiiD speaker doesn’t fall short. It offers dynamic audio with three input modes – Bluetooth, PC, and AUX. You can switch input modes anytime you’d like. The speaker also has two passive radiators that can improve audio performance further. KEiiD’s EQ options allow you to set the sound ambiance to Music, Movie, or Game. Feel free to tweak these options according to your desired activity.

KEiiD’s versatility, durability, and audio performance reflect its price. Well, it’s even better to purchase one pricey speaker that will last for a long time compared to five units that will break apart over the years.

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Final Reminders

The gaming speakers presented in this article cover a wide range of features and functions. Don’t feel rushed while sorting through all these features – unless you really need to buy one fast. Weigh all the possible pros and cons so that you can make the right choice. And lastly, don’t be afraid to try a unique gaming speaker!

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