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Some of the best tech toys to keep your cats from ripping apart your furniture

Your couch legs will thank you.

black and white cat staring at the camera
Image: Unsplash

By now, you have probably read my review of the Cheerble Board Game for cats. But what other techy treats are on the market to prevent kitty from climbing the curtains? Well, funnily enough, there’s absolutely loads of fun stuff for your furry friend to spend some time playing. We all know cats love to hunt, so toys are a must if you’d like to avoid having to explain to your elderly neighbor why her budgerigar is in your cat’s gob.

From automatic laser games to sentient balls, there are so many choices for you to entertain your fluffy house-ruler. But which ones are the best to keep their claws out of the carpet? You can’t always be there for playtime and a bored kitten means mischief.

In an effort to save your sofa and your sanity, we’ve rounded up a bunch of the best tech toys for cats. Here’s what we found to help your little paw-bearing pal have some fun.

FroliCat Dart Automatic Rotating Laser Light

frolicat dart cat toy

Image: KnowTechie

I’m not sure about you, but I know for a fact that my cats (Sylvia in particular) love to play chase with light. Even the reflection of the sunlight on the kitchen floor is enough to start her off with her funny little chirrups. I’ve used several different laser devices to keep the cats entertained. By and large, they work, although some will obviously work better than others. That’s where the FroliCat Dart steps in.

This particular cat toy is great as it fires not just one, but two, laser dots at the floor. If you have multiple cats, this is a godsend as they can actually share the toy with each other. This will inevitably lead to less cat-politics. You’ll notice a nicer, calmer playtime in terms of scratching and scuffling with one another. The top of the device rotates, offering your cat plenty of opportunity to flex their hunting muscles as they tire themselves out.

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SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Concealed Motion Toy

smartykat cat toy

Image: KnowTechie

Have you ever noticed how your kitty will pounce on your feet when they’re moving under the duvet? That’s because they’re hunters. They’re hunting your toes. They want to nibble your trotters! Cats love to pester concealed prey. It is all part of the hunt and it is why they’ll spend ages batting a poor moth or spider around the floor – hunting is fun if you’re a cat! So how do you give your cat their hunting time without your feet becoming claw-fodder?

The SmartyKat Hot Pursuit toy plays on this hunting theme. It features a base unit that rotates a wand toy with feathers and fur attached. This is all (aside from the tip of the wand) concealed beneath a circular fabric cover. With this, kitty can exercise his or her instincts while having great fun. The best thing is it is automatic, so your cat can play with the toy whenever they want and isn’t totally reliant on you for playtime.

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BlackHole Automatic Fish Game

blackhole kitty mat

Image: KnowTechie

Listen, nobody wants to walk into the living room to see the cat swallowing the last of the Goldfish. Unfortunately, fish are irresistible to cats. They love the smell, the taste, and the game involved in plucking them mercilessly from their watery domains. If you need to keep your cats away from the fish tank, it might be handy to distract them from the real thing. You need some robot fish. The kind that won’t die the second they’re in kitty’s dangerous grasp.

Blackhole’s Automatic Fish Game has a set of four automatic Aquarians for your cat to play with. Simply switch them on and stick them in a bowl of water. Easy! They’re battery operated and motorized, so they’ll swim around in the water, providing kitty with some lifeform-friendly fun. The fish also have little lights in their heads, which will further excite your cat. Why not grab a few boxes of them and have a full shoal for Paws to play with?

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Moody Pet Fling-Ama-String Toy

moody pet fling cat toy

Image: KnowTechie

Anyone with a cat knows that their pet loves string. It doesn’t matter what kind, if there is a loose thread dangling somewhere, kitty will get it. There are plenty of string-based toys on the market but a lot of them require human operation. While you should always set aside time to bond and play with your cat if you’re busy working then puss might start to feel the deficit. Fortunately, the Moody Pet Fling-Ama-String is here to take your place while you get your job done.

The device hangs from a door and will play with your cat until the batteries run out. It works by tantalizingly teasing your pet with a piece of string that is attached to a “conveyor belt” style section. This throws the string around until your kitten gets a grip on it. It will remain stationary until the claws are retracted and kitty lets go. At this point it will commence with the game, giving the cat hours of fun.

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Hot Bee Electric Moving Fish

hot bee cat toy

Image: Hot Bee

More fish, only this time we’re saving next-door’s expensive Koi carp from an untimely death. The Hot Bee Electric Moving Fish toy is great for wrestling with. It is quite large, so Kitty will likely grab hold of it for practicing his or her bunny kicks and keeping those back legs limber. The best thing about it? Oh, it just comes with two baggies of cat drugs to up the ante, providing your cat and you with hours of hilarity. Honestly, if you’ve never seen a cat “on” catnip, you’re in for a real treat. It is side-splitting!

The fish toy is charged by USB so you don’t need to worry about buying loads of batteries. When operating, the toy will flop and flail about on the floor, pretty much like any living fish would on land. This gives your cat the opportunity to pounce and play. It comes with a packet of catnip that is placed inside the zip-up pouch underneath, which also contains the motor and battery pack. At 11-inches long, the fish is sizeable enough for kitty to really get to grips with.

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The best cat tech toy

Gah, this is a tough call because I know my cats love catnip and lasers in equal measure. However, I think the opportunity to see them playing while they’re under the influence adds plenty of value. With that in mind, I think the Hot Bee electric moving fish would be the best toy on this list.

In reality, I’d probably buy both that and the FroliCat Dart at the same to keep all four of my cats well and truly occupied. If you’re after some pet-tech that covers a range of animals, check out the best pet gadgets to make your life easier.

Do you own cats? How do you keep your fur-babies occupied? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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