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The folks behind Pokémon Go just launched a new AR-based game and it’s rolling out now

It’s only available in Australia and Singapore now, but it’s rolling out globally over the next few days.

niantic pikmin mobile game
Image: Niantic

A few years ago, Niantic took the mobile gaming world by storm with the introduction of its wildly popular Pokémon Go. Now, the company is back with a brand new game set in an augmented reality world: Pikmin Bloom.

First announced back in March, Niantic has been working on Pikmin Bloom for some time now. The mobile app utilizes the company’s popular augmented reality (AR) to bring the cute little plant guys to life while you’re on the go.

As you’re walking around, Pikmin Bloom uses AR to let you interact with the world around you and collect various Pikmin seedlings. As you walk around, you’ll get access to more and more Pikmin. Walk around with your squad of little guys and you’ll help flowers bloom along your path in the augmented world.

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As more people walk around with their squads, a beautiful flower garden will emerge in their paths. Your own Pikmin can collect these flowers, unlocking things like outfits to spruce up their looks, or fruits that you can use to grow your squad even larger.

Pikmin Bloom is a peaceful approach to gaming that Niantic hopes will allow communities to work together to create something cool. Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of these adorable little sentient plants, says, “My hope is that everyone will be able to create lasting memories together with Pikmin.”

Pikmin Bloom has officially been launched as of today. Right now, the game is only available in Australia and Singapore, but it will be rolling out worldwide on Android and iOS in the coming days.

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