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The Last of Us Part 2 is absolutely triggering “gamers” and right-wing nutjobs

Looks like some people are getting really upset at The Last of Us Part 2 for all the wrong reasons.

the last of us part 2 gameplay
Image: Naughty Dog

You may be familiar with Neil Druckmann and Naughty Dog’s gritty, story-driven adventure game, The Last of Us. You may also know that today is the day that the second full installment of the game hits shelves.

What you may not know, however, is that conservative lame-asses and people that made “gamers” a derogatory term are absolutely losing their shit over the game. It’s not necessarily new news but hot damn has the bile risen to the top once again.

Also, before we start, we haven’t included links to many of the rants, as they are extremely filled with spoilers, but a quick search on Twitter or Reddit will bring up plenty of conversations on the topics discussed below.

So why are they being big babies?

the last of us part 2 dancing scene

Image: Naughty Dog

The most current wave of controversy with The Last of Us Part 2 started way back in 2018. At Sony’s E3 show, it was revealed that Ellie had a romantic relationship with another woman. Anime avatars and angry boys took to the internet to express their displeasure on the news. Some people got a little upset and some subreddit groups worked themselves up into a frothy rage.

Of course, everyone’s favorite confederacy of dunces, Gamergate, also freaked out and found their sexuality threatened. After a month or so, it seemed like everything had quieted down. Then, there were a few leaks about a month ago that reignited that rage and now it seems they all want to boycott The Last of Us Part 2 once again.

On April 26, hackers (or a disgruntled employee), leaked a massive amount of plot information on The Last of Us Part 2. The information included revealed that there was a focus on LGBTQ characters and that there was going to be a change-up of main characters at some point as well. There were some serious spoilers that I won’t disclose, but those same idiots from a few years ago got their whitey tighties in a bunch. Apparently having less focus on their favorite straight white guy was an absolute crime.

They took to Twitter and other social platforms to cry about how Naughty Dog was trying to push their leftist agendas. There were rumors of a scene where a man and a trans character had sex. Legends say you could hear their screeching by standing outside on a silent night.

Now the release of The Last of Us Part 2 is here and the reviews and previews are here. Much of the leaked information has been clarified or proven. Of course, those same kids out there with stunted emotional growth and low IQ are drumming up as much hurt feelings as they can muster. Yes, the sex scene exists. It’s kind of weird but that’s because both people look like two video game characters having sex. Uncanny valley is getting uncannier.

Reviews coming out means more whining

the last of us part 2 trailer

Image: Naughty Dog

It seems the overall backlash is a little louder this time because the game is scoring incredibly well. Of course, there’s some sort of industry-wide conspiracy to score a game with progressive topics a lot higher. At least that is according to the usual dorks on social media that seem to know how the industry works. From the looks of it, The Last of Us Part 2 is an absolutely solid experience. It may not be an experience for everyone but not every game is made to appeal to everyone out there.

It’s absolutely OK to dislike The Last of Us Part 2 because of its content. You are a silly-ass prude if you are actually getting upset over the content of the game and going out and demanding people don’t play it. The developer owes you nothing and it should be good that they are including different types of characters in a hopefully well-written story. The murder porn aspect of The Last of Us is a level that some people can’t stomach. I wouldn’t hold that against you. The general sexual elements are even acceptable as a reason.

Going online and whining and yelping about the content because it isn’t something you like is not OK. Don’t be a baby if it isn’t for you. Don’t run around threatening to boycott a game if it isn’t to your tastes. Play something else.

I personally haven’t played The Last of Us Part 2 yet. With that being said, I like the original game and felt a little uncomfortable with the realistic portrayal of violence. With the confirmation that Naughty Dog turned the violence volume up to 11, I’m not sure it’s a day 1 experience for me. I’ll visit the game when I finally finish Xenoblade Chronicles Remastered but I have no immediate desire to do so. That is unless Kevin tells me I need to.

What do you think? Plan on checking out The Last of Us Part 2? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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