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The long-awaited Atari VCS is launching on June 15

The price may be a little surprising.

Atari vcs
Image: Atari

Atari is back with another console. Yes, you read that right. Atari, the company that brought us classics like Pong way back in the eighties, has decided to release a new console.

The company has been working on the new console for a few years now and has been supported by an Indiegogo campaign. Now, the company is ready to launch the console to the public. Starting on June 15, the all-new Atari VCS will be available to the public.

The new Atari VCS is a retro-minded console that may have some wondering about its price tag. The VCS will launch at $299, which is the same price as an Xbox Series S. However, the VCS has considerably less powerful hardware, so it may be difficult to justify that price.

And that is just for the base version. If you’re looking for the “All-In” version of the console that comes with a wireless joystick and controller, you’ll be dishing out $399. This puts Atari’s new console on the same level as both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which seems quite ridiculous for a retro console with much less power.

However, retro gaming isn’t the only thing that the VCS is capable of. According to Atari, the VCS is capable of becoming a full-blown computer. You can even install an operating system to create a multi-media device capable of running 4K video.

This is definitely an interesting introduction from Atari, but I’m curious to see how successful the console ultimately becomes. The timing of this release is actually pretty decent, considering that both Sony and Microsoft are still struggling to keep up with demand. Maybe the Atari VCS will be able to capitalize on that shortage.

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