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The robot uprising begins with YouTube bots taking down robot battle videos for “animal cruelty”

WWJD – What Would Jared Do?

battlebots fighting on youtube
Image: Battlebots

Man, I wish Jared was still with us. He’s fine, like he’s not dead or anything, but he got a big boi job and has all but stopped talking to us. With his fear of artificial intelligence and “the man”, it would have been great to get his take on this latest YouTube news, but alas, he hates us now.

So, the obvious answer here is that I’m going to write this piece using as many sub-heads from Jared’s articles as possible.

So, buckle-in buckaroos (something Jared used to say to Kevin before a wild night of “playing music”) as YouTube’s algorithm has blocked videos of robots fighting, citing animal cruelty. And you know what Jared always says, you can’t argue with the algorithm.

YouTube removed some videos of robots fighting for animal cruelty

According to YouTube creator Maker’s Muse, the videos were taken down for “animal fighting” and that videos on YouTube must not display “deliberate infliction of animal suffering.” And while YouTube has stated that it has already fixed the error and that the videos have been restored, how do we know that that isn’t the robots talking? This is fine. Everything is fine.

Many creators had videos taken down, with Sarah Pohorecky, a member of Team Uppercut on this season of Battlebots, being one of them. She tells Motherboard that, “I’d say off my head that at least 10-15 builders have been affected,” and goes on to note that there seems to be no logical reason for the individual videos to be targetted, noting that only some of them had animal names (of the robots) in the titles.

So, I ask you this, faithful reader – was this just all a big misunderstanding, or was this the first step in the inevitable robotic uprising. It’s ok, I didn’t need to sleep anyway.

Welp, we had a good run. Our planet is a turd adrift in a punch bowl. Everything is terrible.

What do you think? Was this an honest mistake or the beginning of the end? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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