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The Smorobot Tank X11 automatically cleans your pool for you

The Smorobot Tank X11 saves you the trouble of cleaning your pool.

smorobot tank x11 main
Image: Smorobot

When you own a swimming pool, you have to put in a lot of work to make sure things stay clean. You’ve got pumps and filters that you need to maintain, not to mention cleaning the floor and walls.

Smorobot has recently introduced a new device to help you keep the walls and floor of your pool clean with little to no effort. The new Smorobot Tank X11 is an automated robot that cleans both the floor and the walls of your pool while you relax.

It’s available on Amazon for $799, though the company is currently offering a discount coupon code on its website. 

That’s right, the Tank X11 doesn’t require any human operation to clean your pool. Just charge it up, place it in your pool, and the robot will clean all-around your pool for you. So let’s see what it’s all about. 

What’s in the box? 

smorobot tank x11 underwater
Image: Smorobot

The Tank X11 is a cordless, battery-operated robot that you can deploy to clean up your pool walls automatically.

It features a 10,000mAh battery that’s capable of cleaning for up to three and a half hours on a single charge. And it will charge back up to full in just 90 minutes. 

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It uses intelligent mapping to layout the design of your pool and cleans in an efficient, grid-like pattern. It won’t take a random path through the floor of your pool, ensuring that you get the most cleaning out of every charge of the Tank X11. 

The Tank X11 features two tank-like wheels to crawl the floor and walls of your pool. Combined with the 188w suction powers, the Tank X11 can clean straight up and down your pool walls, all the way up to the water line.

How does it work? 

smorobot tank x11 pool wall
Image: Smorobot

The Tank X11 is a versatile cleaning machine that will work well with pools of just about any shape. The front of the device is curved to help get those hard-to-reach corners in your pool. 

Whether the walls are curved at the bottom or 90 degrees, the Tank X11 can climb them with no problem. For vertical walls, it takes a V-shaped cleaning pattern to make sure it covers every spot on the wall. 

And speaking of cleaning capabilities, the Tank X11 takes a two-pronged approach to keeping your pool’s floor and walls clean. The scrubbing brush combined with the 188w water pump help to scrub away all kinds of debris such as leaves, dust, hair, and algae. 

There are two different modes that you can use with the Tank X11. The standard mode has a denser cleaning path and is used for pools that may not have been cleaned in a long time. Standard mode will take longer, but it will be more methodical and scrub the entire pool thoroughly. 

Then there’s fast mode. Fast mode is meant for those pools that are regularly cleaned. The cleaning time will be much faster, but won’t be quite as thorough as standard mode. But the fast mode is a great option for those who clean their pools every couple of days. 

Once the Tank X11 is done cleaning, it navigates to a wall and waits to be picked up. Then, you just use the included hook to pull the device up, and you’re ready for a recharge. 

It’s also a good idea to keep the Tank X11’s filters clean, and that’s a relatively simple enough process. All you have to do is pop open the filter compartment and clear the filters of any excess debris. 

Check out the Tank X11 for a convenient way to keep your pool clean 

smorobot tank x11 pool floor
Image: Smorobot

Maintaining a pool can be stressful and time-consuming. If you have the opportunity to automate some of that process, it might be worth checking out. 

And the Tank X11 from Smorobot is a convenient option for one of the crucial pool maintenance tasks. It’s compact, easy to use, and has a lot of versatility that will fit just about any personal pool out there. 

If you’re interested in Smorobot Tank X11, check it out on Amazon. If you head to the company’s website, you can find a promo code (SMOROBOT123) for 7 percent off, bringing the total price down to $744. 

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