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These hiking boots use pistons to keep you from injuring your ankle

Love hiking but hate the chance of injuring your ankle? These boots can help.

Hiking boots on person climbing mountain
Image: Terrein Footwear

If you plan on hiking, you should go equipped with the best footwear possible. Why not a pair of hiking boots meant to protect your ankles?

Terrein Footwear’s hiking boots are an interesting curiosity. Not only do they look like they came from the future, but they’re created specifically to help protect your ankles. This is one occasion where something that looks futuristic actually is when you think about it.

Terrein Footwear is made with “adaptive ankle protection”, so you don’t find yourself stuck in a ravine with no cell service (like in a horror movie) and no way to tend to your mangled foot.

Terrein hiking boots on-foot
Image: Terrein Footwear

Each of the company’s boots, which aren’t available for purchase yet, help make it safer to traverse rockier paths or steep inclines. Each pair features Betterguards technology, which helps prevent dangerous twists and turns that could result in injury.

The design promises to offer reactions and adjustments three times faster than your body. That means your ankle is locked up and kept from continued torsion.

Essentially, when there’s danger afoot, the Terrein boots lock up to help keep you from suffering further damage. Otherwise, you’re free to move your ankles as normal.

Terrein hiking boots with pistons
Image: Terrein Footwear

Aside from this very cool tech, Terrein boots are created with a proprietary outsole that’s best for hitting the trail up or downhill. They also feature cushioned midsoles for absorbing energy and returning it to you to help you keep going. And of course, they’re waterproof. That’s the least Terrein could do, right?

So what’s the catch? There’s no release date for Terrein boots yet. But if they strike you as a need for your next hiking trip, you can sign up for updates on pricing and availability over at the official Terrein website.

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