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Samsung Family Hub fridge owners can soon channel surf

You’ll be able to watch TV, display pictures, and more.

Samsung family hub
Image: Samsung

There’s nothing that pairs better with rifling through the fridge than seeing what’s on TV. Thanks to a recent update for Samsung Family Hub refrigerators, you can do just that.

As soon as next month, Family Hub smart fridge owners in the U.S. and Korea will have access to Samsung TV Plus, the manufacturer’s ad-supported live TV service.

During the second annual Bespoke Home event on June 7, Samsung confirmed the update is set to arrive on Family Hub 2.0 models. When it’s available, you’ll be able to watch all of the live TV Plus channels currently available.

There’s a little something for everyone, from home improvement and reality shows to 24/7 music video channels. MTV won’t do it, so someone has to!

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If you have one of these smart fridges you can take advantage of TV Plus viewing now. Simply use the Family Hub to mirror TV Plus channels from a Samsung TV or smartphone.

It won’t be the most optimal way to catch old episodes of Kitchen Nightmares (a personal favorite in my household), but it’s easier than craning your neck to watch in the living room.

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Not interested in watching TV? Display art on your Family Hub refrigerator with the Art Gallery app.

Choose your favorite artwork and display it via the Family Hub’s built-in tablet for a seamless look that can blend into your fridge’s design. Like the TV Plus live service, the Art Gallery app will be free at launch.

Of course, there’s also the intended use for your Family Hub fridge: your control center for Samsung’s smart home platform, SmartThings.

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While there’s a new Matter update slated for the future, Samsung didn’t touch on that during the Bespoke Home event. Still, there’s plenty to get excited about if you’re a big smart fridge fan.

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