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This Google Assistant update will make sure you’re up to date on the news you care about

The feature is rolling out now for all users.

your news update on google assistant
Image: Google

It probably goes without saying that voice command technology has changed the way we work and relax. If anyone in an office needs a reminder on what is on their schedule today, all they have to do is ask their Google Assistant to get a refresher.

Your News Update, a newly released feature, has your Google Assistant give you the news. All the users will have to do is give the command, “Hey Google, play me the news” and the device will deliver short soundbites. Google Assistant will tell you the news based on your location, personal interests, preferences for stories, and user history.

If you have a Google Assistant, you can ask it to give you the news

Liz Gannes, a Product Manager at Google, wrote a blog post about the release of this feature and describes how it works.

If you’re a Steelers fan who follows the stock market and lives in Chicago, for example, you might hear a story about the latest “L” construction, an analysis of last Thursday’s Steelers game and a market update, in addition to the latest national headlines.

Your News Update will also use sound clips from a variety of news outlets,  including CNN, ABC, and The Washington Post.

Along with trying to deliver the news in a quick manner without having to navigate a webpage, Google wants to create an audio ecosystem where audio news is readily available. Through this method, the news is directed towards you, thanks to the on-voice-demand component. It would be great if there was a voice modification to make the Assistant read the new like an old-timey 1940s announcer.

The Your News Update feature is up-and-running on Google Assistant, but make sure your software is updated.

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