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TikTok has become home to several makeshift gaming live streamers

Twitch and YouTube have become extremely competitive, so some gamers are streaming on TikTok.

Tiktok game streaming
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Although TikTok is mostly a platform designed for sharing short-form videos that cater to our ever-shrinking attention spans, lately the platform has become a place where gamers go to live stream their gameplay. But you won’t find the impressive high-tech setups that you get from other streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Instead, users have taken to TikTok as a simple platform where they can get up and running in a live stream with little to no hassle. TikTokers, like Brick_ser, are using whatever kind of setup they can come up with to live stream on the booming platform.

Brick_ser, whose real name is Spenser, told Polygon that all he needs to go live streaming games on TikTok is a stand for his phone that he got from Amazon. He props up his phone on the stand and puts the controller in front of the camera that also shoots the gameplay.

Spenser went on to say that he had tried streaming on YouTube, but it was just too complicated. “I do Twitch every now and then, but mainly just to talk because Twitch takes a lot longer for me to set up,” he said.

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In order to compete with streamers on dedicated streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube, you would have to establish a nice setup, with an expensive camera and capture card, to have a chance at competing with the platforms’ already existing talent.

That doesn’t seem to be the case on TikTok, however, as the platform’s discovery algorithms do a great job putting creators in front of viewers’ eyes. So even if you have a scuffed-looking setup, there’s a good chance that just being live on the platform will help you get discovered by more viewers.

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