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Twitter’s unmention feature is finally rolling out to everyone

This will be a great way to silently leave a conversation on the social platform.

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If you’ve used Twitter with your family, friends, or colleagues, chances are that you’ve been tagged or mentioned in a conversation.

Twitter @mentions can be used to call you out or to draw your attention to a Tweet of interest. It is similar to Facebook mentions.

Depending on the type of mention and where it is mentioned in the Tweet, you may get notifications. For a single Tweet, that’s fine, but if it goes viral, you’ll be inundated with notification after notification.

Twitter unmention to the rescue

If you’ve been mentioned in a Tweet that you’d rather distance yourself from, you can now easily unmention yourself.

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Perhaps, you’ve been inundated with dozens of notifications from a Tweet you were mentioned in, and you want out, or you’re being trolled.

The feature allows you to unmention and remove yourself from the conversation by tapping on the three dots button on the Mentions tab and selecting Leave this conversation.

When you do leave a conversation by unmentioning yourself, your username will be untagged. This way, although your username stays, you will be untagged from the original Tweet and all replies.

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You’ll also stop people from mentioning you again in that conversation. This can help you to reclaim your sanity. Additionally, you’ll still be able to see the conversation, but you won’t be getting notifications.

Twitter’s unmention feature also allows you to leave a conversation quietly. That means no one will be informed or alerted about the change. However, if you leave a conversation, you won’t be able to rejoin it.

You will be asked to confirm your decision to leave the conversation. You can then proceed to leave the conversation or stay back instead.

Remove yourself from awkward Twitter conversations

One of the key benefits of Twitter unmention is that it helps you to remove yourself from awkward Twitter conversations.

It also helps you to reduce the impacts of cyberbullying. Japan recently passed an online insults law to checkmate the rising incidents of suicide caused by cyberbullying.

TikTok also introduced warning labels that encourage mindful sharing in a bid to curb misinformation and disinformation.

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