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Verizon kinda admitted 5G drains batteries quicker but deleted the tweet after being called out

The tweet did not last very long.

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The introduction of 5G into our lives is definitely a positive one for people that are looking for more speed from their mobile experiences, but currently, most 5G tech is still extremely taxing on our smartphones’ batteries.

In a now-deleted tweet from Verizon, and pointed out by The Verge, the company echoed this, using cheerful emojis and letting people know that LTE conserves battery life. So, without saying it, the company basically let everyone know that 5G can be draining.

Are you noticing that your battery life 🔋 is draining faster than normal? One way to help conserve battery life is to turn on LTE. 📲 Just go to Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data and tap LTE. 😀 😀

– Verizon Wireless CS (@VZWSupport) February 28, 2021

The Verge also points out that the tweet is just all sorts of misleading. 5G automatically turns off when a signal can’t be found, reverting back to the less battery-intensive LTE.

Doing the steps outlined by Verizon would literally just turn 5G off completely. Verizon also responded to a Twitter user who called out the issues with the tweet. And somehow, the response just makes the whole thing even stranger.

Listen social media person, the original tweet was odd enough, but now we’re pivoting the conversation to speeds? It’s all quite confusing, but here we are.

If you have an iPhone, and are interested in turning off 5G, you can read our guide here.

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