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We really hope this clamshell thing isn’t Samsung’s next folding phone

Does anybody want this?

samsung clamshell folding phone
Image: Wang Ben Hong

Whelp, it must be mobile device leak season again because Samsung’s prototype clamshell foldable phone just surfaced on Weibo. A user named Wang Ben Hong just shared five photos that he claims are Samsung’s latest and greatest.

Is this the clamshell design that Samsung said it was working on before Motorola stole their thunder by bringing the RAZR name back?

It’s the ’90s again with Samsung the latest company to bring the clamshell back

Ahh, decades of screen material advancements only to be forced back into a ’90s design. Yep, the clamshell phone is back. That shouldn’t really surprise anyone, as the form factor is probably the best way to protect those flimsy foldable OLED screens.

Will we see this handset at CES or WMC in 2020? Will Samsung stick with the nearly $2,000 price tag or will the slightly smaller screen make this closer in price to today’s flagships? Will anyone care?

  • The Samsung design has a horizontally-folding OLED screen, with a smaller screen outside for notifications
  • Dual rear cameras are shown in the images

The real question is will Samsung wait until after the RAZR is released by Motorola to see how the market responds or will the South Korean company release early, like how they beta tested the Galaxy Fold?

What do you think? Interested in another folding phone from Samsung? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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