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What are the best Android games that work with Bluetooth controllers?

You’d think that the Google Play Store would have a filter for this, but you’d be wrong.

Bluetooth controller for mobile games
Image: KnowTechie

With over 340,000 mobile gaming apps in the Google Play Store, it might be difficult to figure out what to play. That task is even harder if you want to use your favorite Bluetooth controller, as there’s no easy way to search for controller-supported games.

You’d think that in 2020, Google would have a specific filter for those games that have controller support. They don’t, and even searching for “controller support” doesn’t give you the full list, as some games don’t mention controller support anywhere on the game page.

You could use the game lists from things like the Nvidia Shield, but that doesn’t always work as there are many exclusives on their storefront that the normal Google Play Store doesn’t have. We’ve taken some of that searching upon ourselves, and here are some of our favorite Android games with controller support.

So, what are the best games with Bluetooth controller support on the Google Play Store?

With our smartphones getting faster every year, mobile gaming is just getting better and better. The thing is, nobody wants to be stuck using a touchscreen interface to play the latest FPS or racing games. It’s just not fun. Here are some of our favorite mobile games that have full controller support:

Call of Duty Mobile

The GOAT of competitive FPS gaming is finally on mobile, and you’ll be glad to know that it’s got full Bluetooth controller support so you don’t get nerfed by your own touchscreen. Call of Duty Mobile has 100-player Battle Royale, 5v5 deathmatch, sniper wars, and all the classic COD maps you’ve played a thousand times before.

Google Play Store

Tesla vs Lovecraft

Twin-stick shooters are always better with physical sticks, and Tesla vs Lovecraft is no exception. Jump into Nikolai Tesla’s shoes, as he feuds with H.P. Lovecraft over 30 arenas, with all the Cthulu-blasting you could ever ask for.

If you loved games like Smash TV growing up, you’ll be right at home in this mobile smash. Destroy all the monsters, blow up the Cthulu spawning pools, and build all the zany weapons you want – including a fantastic Tesla mech suit.

Google Play Store ($10)

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

This is still one of the best FPS games on Android, and a controller makes it all the better. Sure, it’s not quite Call of Duty, but does that matter? Great graphics, great set pieces, and all the terrorist shooting you could want – and it’s free! Go and grab it, your favorite Bluetooth controller, and save the world.

Google Play Store

GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport stands out of the pack of racing games on Android, simply because of the depth of gameplay and graphical fidelity. Basically, it’s the closest to console-quality racing that you can get without lugging your console and a TV around.

Featuring over 100 cars to drive over just as many tracks, physics, and vehicle damage; GRID has everything from drag racing, to street races, to touring, and more – all you’ll need to grab pole position. Dive into the career mode, or play one-off races if you’re short on time. Just… don’t forget your Bluetooth controller.

Google Play Store ($10)

Riptide GP: Renegade

It’s time to get wet. Drenching wet. Race through the waves on a jet-powered bike against the AI in the career mode, or take those skills online against real players. Sure, it’s been around for a few years now, but the graphics were pretty good back then, and they run like a dream on modern handsets.

Pulling those death-defying stunts is much easier using a controller, so connect your favorite Bluetooth one and go to town!

Google Play Store ($3)

Skateboard Party 3 Pro

Of all the game types you can find on the Google Play Store, no genre sorely needs a physical controller than skateboarding games. Get your skate on while completing 70+ achievements, multiple locations, new gear, and more. Throwdown and get tricky with ollies, kickflips, and all the grinding you can stand. It’s not quite up to the Tony Hawk series, but it’s the best thing you’ll get until somebody actually ports those to mobile.

Google Play Store ($4)

Stardew Valley

Nobody loves getting his hoe on than Josiah, so he’d probably fire me or something if I forgot to include Stardew Valley on this list. Sure, you don’t really need a controller to take your frustrations out on your virtual farm, but just like farming, it’s a heck of a lot easier if you have the right tool for the job.

The mobile version has all kinds of assists to make it easier with a touchscreen interface, like auto-select and auto-attack, but where’s the fun in that? Get closer to the console experience by plugging in your controller and get growing.

Google Play Store ($8)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Oh shit, here we go again… It’s time to jump into San Andreas on your phone and take over the city while trying to keep your family together. It’s been remastered to suit the smaller screens better, and compatibility with controllers for the best experience. Trust us, you don’t want to be using the touchscreen to increase your cycling stamina… Even 15 years after the original release, this still holds up to modern standards, especially on mobile devices.

Google Play Store ($7)

Sega Forever titles

Retro gaming is fantastic on a smaller screen and SEGA’s back-catalog has some of the best games around. Whether it’s the Dreamcast-era Crazy Taxi, the zany, rage-inducing Super Monkeyball, or the literal Streets of Rage, there’s guaranteed to be a game that’ll tickle your pickle.

Oh, and I can’t talk about SEGA without mentioning the speed-obsessed, chilidog chowing hedgehog, Sonic. With how fast he moves, you’ll be glad that all the games have controller support.

Google Play Store (Free with in-app payment to remove ads) 

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania symphony of the night start screen

Image: Google Play Store

This was one of the best side-scrollers from the PlayStation 1 era, and now you can enjoy it on your mobile devices. What a time to be alive. The story still holds up after two decades, the gameplay is crisp, and it’s fantastic when played with a controller.

You wouldn’t want to square off against Dracula with inferior touch controls, right? Look, I won’t spoil any story elements, just know that you really, really want to explore this castle.

Google Play Store ($3)

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