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What’s this weird wraparound display phone Samsung is working on?

Let’s see how this plays out.

Image: LetsGoDigital

Well, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has certainly been in the spotlight lately, however, not for good reasons. Recent reports show that Samsung has a backup already planned if the consumer version of their foldable smartphone doesn’t work out.

Recently Let’s Go Digital discovered that Samsung recently received patent approval for a smartphone that features a display that covers the front of the phone while wrapping around the top and back of the device. This design could probably be more practical than the first generation of folding phones and who knows, maybe cheaper.

I mean, I guess it could work

samsung smartphone display

Image: LetsGoDigital

This sort of display may also bring some different practical uses like letting people see how they look before taking a photo and showing live language translations on the rear screen.

You can activate which part of the display you want to use by simply hovering your hand or a stylus S Pen over that side of the display.

The language translation is a pretty intriguing idea, as it would let each person speak while the other sees the translation without the need to flip the screen around. You could also maybe see your notifications on the top of the phone since the display wraps around the top, this could also be a very cool feature if implemented correctly.

We have already started to see dual displayed phones like the Vivo NEX Dual Display phone but we have not seen a continuous display that wraps around a phone, and it will be interesting to see how Samsung will build this phone if they do.

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