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WhatsApp will soon let you sync chat locks across all linked devices

Another feature addition for WhatsApp.

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A few years back, using WhatsApp on multiple devices was a nightmare, but Android’s most popular instant messaging app evolved and introduced the linked device feature. 

You can now have a primary device and multiple secondary devices (Android, iOS, Web, Windows, and macOS) that sync the same messages. The app has also added passkey support.

Following that, now the team behind the app has been spotted working on a new chat lock feature that also syncs the lock across devices.

The folks at the WABetaInfo first spotted that the instant messaging platform is working on a chat lock feature that will be linked across all your devices. 

You have to wait a while for WhatsApp’s locked chat functionality

A smartphone screen displaying an open WhatsApp application with a message overlay saying "This chat is now locked", indicating that a chat has been secured and requires a secret code to access. The screen also shows the status bar with Wi-Fi, battery indicator, and time, as well as WhatsApp navigation tabs for Chats, Updates, Communities, and Calls at the bottom. The background and overlay are styled in dark mode and the phone is set against a gradient pink and purple backdrop.
Image: WABetaInfo

While Android and iOS users can already hide their chats behind the phone’s passcode, Face ID, fingerprint, or secret code, users on the Web, Windows, and macOS version do not have the same privilege. 

The chats on these devices remain open. So, a new locked chat functionality will be an excellent addition. 

The instant messaging platform is also working to sync the functionality on other devices, meaning if you lock the chat on one device, it will remain locked on the linked devices as well. 

However, the feature is currently under development, and WABetaInfo doesn’t say when it will be widely available to the general public. So, you may have to wait a while. 

In addition, WABetaInfo also reports WhatsApp is continuing its work on implementing username support. While it would also be an excellent addition, the outlet hasn’t revealed a release date. 

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