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Why you shouldn’t mount your TV over a fireplace

A lot of people like this position, but is it for the best?

Tv mounted over fire place in cottagecore house
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Although placing your TV over a fireplace seems like a fairly standard move, it may not be wise. Several elements work together to make this go-to mounting position less than ideal.

Heat, smoke, height, and angles are all factors you should consider when selecting the perfect place for your TV. You wouldn’t want to unintentionally void a warranty or crick an innocent neck.

Let’s discuss why you should reconsider mounting your TV over a fireplace.

Heat can damage a TV over time

Smart tv in front of flames
Image: KnowTechie

Before mounting a TV in a hot environment, you should first check the manufacturer’s documentation to see how much heat the product can stand. While electronics are designed to handle a certain amount of warmth, everything has limits, and slow cooking your new flatscreen probably isn’t wise.

Some fireplaces produce more heat than others, and measuring output with a thermometer before mounting your TV can help with planning. If the temperature gets anywhere close to the manufacturer’s limits, you should consider other options. In most cases, heat damage will void the warranty.

If you simply must mount your TV over a fireplace, you can take some steps to mitigate harm:

  • Install a mantelpiece or projection between the TV and the fireplace to deflect heat
  • Avoid open fireplaces where smoke and soot are an issue
  • Switch to an electric heater to better control the heat output
  • Consider a heatproof enclosure for your TV

A thick, wide, mantelpiece is great for deflecting heat away from the TV. However, you should still measure the temperature around the device, including the wall where it’s mounted. Depending on the material, chimneys can get quite hot, and yours could be roasting your TV from behind.

Smoke is another hazard you don’t want anywhere near your television or any other electronics. Really, no good indoor fireplace should be releasing a notable amount of smoke or soot into the home. However, in outdoor settings, you may need to consider this additional hazard and more.

Electric heaters let you control the temperature more accurately, don’t produce smoke, and won’t overheat the wall behind your TV. You should, however, still measure the temperature around your device to ensure an acceptable level of warmth.

Finally, if you’re going to mount your TV in an inhospitable environment, you should consider a protective shell for the product. A good weatherproof cover can help protect your television from many of nature’s elements, including excessive heat.

Poor height and bad angles

Smart tv on brick wall
Image: Unsplash

Ideally, your TV should be sitting at a height that puts the center of the screen at eye level. That way, you don’t have to crane your neck or sit in an awkward position when viewing.

When you’re watching your own television, you want to feel like you’ve got the best seat in the house, and almost all fireplaces are going to force a suboptimal height.

On top of that, if you sit close to the fireplace while watching, the sharp angle is perfect for causing a stiff neck. If you can, you should aim to place your TV in a lower position that makes viewing as comfortable as possible. Alternatively, you could simply stand while you watch.

Where should you mount your TV?

Anywhere that puts the center of the screen at eye level, doesn’t create any awkward angles, and avoids heat and other damaging elements is the ideal position for a TV.

When it comes to positioning, mounting may not even be the best option. If space is a concern, a thin, unobtrusive entertainment unit may be better.

But if you simply can’t resist the urge to mount your TV over a fireplace, you should take all necessary precautions and try not to let it burn.

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