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Windows 11 is reverting back to the Blue Screen of Death because that’s how it’s supposed to be

The new Black Screen of Death has been shelved pretty quickly.

windows 11 black screen
Image: Microsoft

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Windows 11 was launched last month, and the new operating system featured an update to the error screen that users see when their device has an issue. The initial Windows 11 build featured a new ‘Black Screen of Death‘ but the company has decided to go back to the more familiar blue option.

In a recent set of patch notes, Microsoft addressed the new change: “We changed the screen color to blue when a device stops working or a stop error occurs as in previous versions of Windows.”

The familiar blue screen has been an indicator for trouble in Windows for a long time now. The blue screen acts as a notification for users, but it also contains a bunch of useful information that IT professionals and support people can use to help determine the cause of the supposed issue.

blue screen of death on laptop
Image: Unsplash

Of course, Windows 11’s Black Screen of Death showed all of that same information. It just wasn’t the familiar color that we have grown accustomed to.

Microsoft hasn’t listed any reasoning for why it has abandoned the Black Screen of Death with this update. The most likely reason for the change is simply because we all know what a blue screen of death is and there’s no point in changing a good thing.

The Blue Screen of Death has been Windows’ answer to issues for decades now. It looks like Microsoft has decided that familiar is better as the Blue Screen of Death makes its triumphant return.

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