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Worried about hidden cameras in your Airbnb? Use these tricks to sniff them out

Your phone can actually help you identify hidden cameras.

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If you frequent Airbnbs and hotels for either work or pleasure, one thing that you have to be aware of is hidden cameras. As technology advances, so do these cameras, which means they can be placed in smaller places and can include things like night vision.

While you can buy dedicated gadgets to sniff out hidden cameras, your smartphone can actually help you find cameras that may be in things like smoke detectors or alarm clocks.

Ex hacker and TikTok user Marcus Hutchins recently released a video on the platform giving viewers some tips on how to detect hidden cameras in hotels and Airbnb and it contains some solid information. You can check it out below.


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As you can see in the video above, your phone’s flashlight can help sniff out cameras by reflecting a bluish light that comes off of cameras. In addition, the front-facing camera can identify the LEDs used for night vision.

Finally, they offer some more general tips for Airbnb and hotel goers, like looking for cameras in conveniently-placed gadgets that offer clear views to things like the shower and bed.

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