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WWE’s 2K20 launch is a complete disaster – Look what fans have to say about it

It’s so so bad.

wwe 2k20 glitches
Image: Twitter / @ElWaster

Lately, it seems that every major video game launch comes with its own set of issues, glitches, and other bugs that run the gamut from annoying to plain hilarious. The latest game in the WWE series, WWE 2K20, seems to have more than the usual amount of issues in the day or so since it released.

Maybe 2020 vision will make the franchise good again, eh 2K Games?

The WWE 2K20 launch has been a complete shitshow

I’ve got to ask here: Did 2K throw all the developers into a cage match and the one who survived with the most fingers intact code this thing? I mean, we’re talking unfinished, stick-it-back-in-the-oven levels of barely-working junk. Until it’s fixed, I can’t recommend anyone spend money on this game.

Thankfully, some people pre-ordered or rushed out on release day so let’s have a gander at their misfortune and chuckle:

Is this a Ubisoft game? I’ve heard of eye-melting riffs but this is next-level…


Physics apparently not included… (maybe in the DLC?)


Ohhh… the wind is everywhere… Now that car scene makes more sense


Ladder? I barely knew her…

Umm, referee! We need some adult supervision here.


Pretty sure this isn’t what they meant by “shattered dreams”

Did 2K Games lose last year’s assets in a ransomware attack?

Pretty sure this isn’t Face/Off, not a Travolta around…

Go for the eyes Boo, go for the eyes!

At least one of the wrestlers is trying to make things right…


Umm… pretty sure the floor is that way

Even the crowd doesn’t seem amused…


Oh look, a game clip as a metaphor for the game – swing and a miss

Please don’t go buy this, it’ll only encourage them.

What is your favorite fail from the new WWE 2k20? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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