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You can now log in to YouPorn with your Discord account


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Discord, probably the most popular landing page for conversation surrounding gaming in text and chat form, is now allowing you to use your Discord login to sign in to YouPorn. YouPorn, the porn site you visit in between mouthfuls of Taco Bell and cannabis gummies, has only allowed in-house logins since its inception in 2006.

That is to say, up until this point you were only able to login to YouPorn with your YouPorn, Pornhub, or YouPorn Premium login information. Now you can use your Discord login as well. It’s not tough to figure this stuff out. You probably watch as much porn as you comment and chat about video games, so the integration makes sense.

There are security concerns, which YouPorn addressed in a blog post:

  • You are only granting YouPorn the “identify” scope from Discord’s oAuth2 API, which means at no point do we receive your email address.
  • The identify scope does include information such as username and avatar, however we do not capture or retain this information. It is sent to us via their API, but we ignore this information entirely.
  • The information we do capture is your Discord “ID” which is the unique identifier which allows us to keep your taste profile separate from other users, but even this information is “hashed” before we retain it in our database, thus there is no way for us at YouPorn or any potential intruder in the system to download a list of associated Discord IDs.

“I really like to chat about games while watching porn in the background and eating burritos,” said one local gamer through a mouthful of cilantro and lime beef. “It’s great having to only use one login across both platforms. I just wish my genitals were also a game controller.”

Apparently, YouPorn is going to be doing something new with Private Accounts in the coming months, so creating one using your Discord login seems like a good way to get ahead of the curve. Regardless, as long as the open API that Discord offers exists and as the site grows in popularity, you should see more and more sites start to offer Discord logins as an option.

It sure beats logging in with Facebook, that just takes that data and sells it while laughing and touching themselves.

What do you think? Do you plan on using Discord to log in to YouPorn? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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