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A Google watch with Fitbit features could launch in 2022

Maybe it will actually release this time.

Google watch render
Image: Jon Prosser

Hey, remember that Google smartwatch that we’ve been waiting for since 2018? Well, it might actually be coming to market next spring, according to Business Insider‘s sources.

Think of it as the “best of Wear OS” and you’re probably not far off. As for the design, Insider says they’ve seen renders, which show a rounded, bezel-less smartwatch. That makes it more Moto 360 than Apple Watch, which is possibly a good thing.

Can Google get it right on its first foray into smartwatches? It’s not like it doesn’t have the talent or the existing IP. It bought $40 million worth of IP from Fossil a couple of years ago.

It also bought Fitbit for $2.1 billion, and that deal closed at the beginning of the year. Add to that the deep partnership with Samsung, and if anyone could make a wearable to dethrone the Apple Watch, it’s going to be Google.

Google watch render
Image: Jon Prosser

Will the Google watch be fairly simple in functionality for the first time out? Will it stuff enough health monitoring inside to make Fitbits a thing of the past? It doesn’t seem so from the Insider piece, which talks about daily charging.

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Then again, the Apple Watch needs daily charging too, proving that if a smartwatch can be useful enough, users don’t mind some inconveniences.

We’ll possibly know next spring; unless the general clusterfuck of global supply chain woes derails yet another hardware launch.

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