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Alienware debuts handheld PC that could be the first real Nintendo Switch competitor

The big question here – how much would something like this cost?

alienware ufo nintendo switch console
Image: Alienware

With a little over 40 million units sold, Nintendo Switches are all over the place. At coffee shops, friends are fighting each other in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and on the subway, someone could be traversing the world of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And since the Switch is so popular, it’s no wonder that the PC-gaming experts at Alienware want to try and take a chance with a similar piece of hardware.

Alienware is playing with the idea of a handheld console with the appropriately named UFO, which landed in Las Vegas just in time for this year’s CES. Looking at its design, it definitely looks similar to the Switch, but, as the old saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover. The console’s hardware and the overall feel makes it a completely different beast from the House of Mario’s leading platform.

Alienware’s UFO draws comparisons to the Switch, but there is more to it than that

alienware dell ufo

Image: Alienware

The biggest difference between the two is the operating system. Since the UFO is built by a PC company, it makes sense that it uses Windows 10 and shares a lot of components that are found in computers. It can even be used as a PC when the system is placed upright. Through a Bluetooth connection, mice and keyboards can be used on it, as well. Also, the display size of the UFO is 8 inches diagonal, which is 1.8 inches longer than the Switch. It’s also thinner with a striking black-and-white design.

What about the games? Aside from being compatible with Steam, the UFO will offer the ability to download and stream games. However, there aren’t plans to release physical versions of any games. When playing a game, Digital Trends remarks that the detachable controllers on Alienware’s console “feel more like an Xbox gamepad than a Joycon.” Mark that as yet another positive difference between the two.

However, while the overall hardware is impressive, what will make-or-break the UFO is how much it will be. Alienware has yet to name a price tag or if they even plan on releasing it for consumers. It will probably be based on the feedback of the trade show attendees in Las Vegas.

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