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Anker made Apple’s AirPower charger that nobody asked for

Where you at, Apple?

anker powerwave+
Image: Amazon

The one thing about announcing your intentions too early is that someone else might take your place. Just like when you were in 9th grade and you announced that you were going to take the popular girl to the prom at the end of the year, only to find out that before you worked up the nerve – Jake Luckner with his dad’s Camaro had jumped into your dancing shoes.

It’s not a perfect analogy but it’s pretty close to the situation that Apple is in currently with its AirPower wireless charging mat. Startups and big-name companies alike have been releasing wireless charging mats for Apple’s products recently, none of which are perfect, none of which do exactly what the AirPower does, but there’s one important distinction – they’re here, and the AirPower, well, ain’t.

Now, it’s Anker’s turn to beat Apple to market, with its PowerWave+ Pad 2-in-1 Qi Charger ($56). The sleek, white pad would be a perfect fit for your AirPods wireless charging case (oh wait, no, that’s not out yet either), but don’t worry because there’s only room for your iPhone and your Apple Watch on the charger.

anker powerwave+

Image: Anker

While the PowerWave+ Pad does promise to charge both your iPhone and Apple watch at the same time, you’ll have to provide the charging puck for the Apple Watch. With a charging puck coming to a hair under $30, that makes your total almost a Benjamin, although you probably have a charging puck already.

Still, you’ll get the fastest wireless charging power that Apple currently supports (7.5W) and a place to put stuff on your nightstand. With every PowerWave+ sold, Apple probably loses an AirPower customer. The real question isn’t “Should I buy this?” but “Can I hold out a little longer for the real thing.”

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