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Apple is now firmly and squarely Tim Cook’s company

Today, Apple is very much Tim Cook’s company. It’s now sprawling and, despite its polish, is more complicated than ever.

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Until Steve Jobs’ death in 2011, Apple had only ever produced a single model of its iPhone each year. It was only in 2013 when the company began to diversify the line. It was then when it introduced the plastic-shelled, cut-price 5C to the company, the alternative to its premium counterpart, the 5S. That simplicity no longer exists.

Apple’s recent iPhone releases are more confusing and come in a more complex array than any its previous releases, with different prices, features, and screen sizes. The iPhones XS, XS Max, and XR are something of an eclectic mix. The smallest of the three, the XS, also comes with a higher price tag than the larger-screen iPhone XR. While all three appear similar on the surface, XR lacks a number of the features found in the other two. For starters, its screen is missing a dual-camera. It also has a lower resolution.

In good hands

Today, Apple is very much Tim Cook’s company. It’s now sprawling and, despite its polish, is more complicated than ever. One look at the Apple website now shows seven models of iPhones available. Apple used to tell their customers what to buy, but now they’re presenting them with every possible option.

This doesn’t mean that Cook is steering Apple down the wrong path. Since the company began diversifying its iPhone models, sales have skyrocketed. Cook recently said that Apple was close to having sold two billion iOS devices. More than two in three of those have been sold under Cook’s leadership.

A trillion-dollar approach

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There’s certainly been a change of approach under Cook. Apple isn’t the exclusive club that it once was. Its product line has grown through home speakers, smartwatches, and headphones, along with its various lines of laptops and iPads. Cook’s stamp on the company has proved fruitful, in fact, ever since he assumed the role of CEO in 2011 when Apple’s market cap stood at $347 billion. In just seven years, he’s multiplied that number by 3X. In fact, Apple recently became the first trillion dollar company (Amazon matched that feat shortly after).

Apple’s recent monetary success is surely immune to criticism and is great news for the company. It will also continue to attract those looking for a name to invest in. According to CNBC, anyone who had invested $1,000 in Apple a decade ago would see that figure at $7,200 (as of May 25, 2018). The company’s share price predictably rose even higher once it had reached the trillion dollar mark, closing at 207.39 on the day, after climbing over 200 for the first time on the previous day.

Although, while shares have always been popular among investors, CFDs have also been receiving a lot of attention of late. That includes Apple investors, who are buying them on platforms like Saxo, with its wide range of CFD markets and industry-leading prices. Many of these investors will already be trading on their iPhone, of course. We really are living in an Apple universe.

Not without criticism

Not everything under Cook’s leadership has been plain sailing, however. He’s announced a number of products that it was forced to delay, such as the HomePod speaker. Cook initially stated that it would be given a release in time for Christmas last year, but it was later rescheduled for a February release. Such delays have given power to critics of the company who say that Apple lacks some of the aura of invincibility that it had under Jobs. The Tim Cook era is more susceptible to criticism and more complicated than it was under Jobs. But then it’s also worth a trillion dollars, so it must be doing something right.

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