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Call of Duty: Warzone boasts 30 million players in 10 days

One bullet to rule them all.

call of duty warzone gameplay
Image: Activision

In a mere 24 hours Call of Duty: Warzone hit six million players. Now, ten days after release and with a good portion of the country sheltering in place, Call of Duty: Warzone is reporting that it has surpassed 30 million players.

Which makes all of my top ten finishes that much more impressive. Sure, each match is only 150 players (solos or squads), but in my mind every time I place in the top ten I feel like I beat tens of millions of players and not just a hundred or so. The point is, people are playing this game.

Warzone is currently in the number one place on Twitch. Even Josiah has been playing the hell out of it, before ditching for Animal Crossing. Though, he’s not notable enough to be listed in the press release.

Notable celebrity Warzone players include a few sidelined NBA stars like Patrick Beverley, Meyers Leonard, Devin Booker, Josh Hart, De’Aaron Fox and Brad Beal.

Warzone has been entertaining thus far and it was great to see battle royale solos released so quickly. It’d be great if it eliminated the plane cut scene at the beginning of each match, but that is likely a cover for load time so it’s not a huge deal. What would be a huge deal would be server lag.

Which hasn’t happened much. I’ve been playing every day and since maybe the first few days after launch, I haven’t noticed much server lag at all. This is extremely refreshing and hope it holds through the next double XP weekend. If I don’t step up my game, I’m not going to complete the battle pass and rank up to 155 and at this point, it seems a shame not to make that happen.

Surely this 30 million number is further enabled by cross-play, whether you are playing on Xbox, PlayStation or PC you can jump into the battle royale. This is how it should be. See you in the warzone.

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